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I have been insured by AARP Hartford for the past 3 years for two cars in Florida and one car in Delaware. I received my new renewal payment schedule for the Florida policy last week. I discovered that my monthly payments went from $151.00/mo to $279.00/mo. I called to complain and the only explanation was that the rates in Fl. went up because of storms. REALLY up by 80% !! I immediately went to Progressive and got the same coverage for less than half of the Harford premium. AARP needs to drop Hartford immediately, they must think senior citizens in Fl. are too stupid to know they are getting screwed. I intend to contact my congressman and senator as we as media consumer advocates about this abuse of seniors. I don't know how money Hartford pays aarp for the privilege of screwing seniors but I will get to the bottom of it.

Nov 07, 2017
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      Nov 14, 2017

    I also received my "Thank You For Renewing" letter to discover that my monthly premium increased by $121 per month…with NO EXPLANATION.
    I have made NO claims, received NO moving violations, I bundle with renter’s insurance, and my credit score has improved by 12 points in the last year.
    The marginal call-center rep declared that The Hartford-AARP is increasing rates for the entire state of Colorado. So much for being a good customer.
    Traditionally, every company that partners with AARP performs downright predatory toward the seniors who fall for their sales pitches. The Hartford-AARP is another one that will no longer receive my business.

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