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Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized / hacker and online harassment and stalking

1 Palo Alto, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized

Aaron Greenspan, his father Neil S Greenspan and his mother Judith Keene Greenspan all together have concocted this 501c tax evasion and tax fraud operation in which they hide their monetized websites such as and under and this scam is called Think Computer Corporation and Think Computer Foundation and also Thinklink, Greenspan Technologies and many more front 501c tax fraud companies now based out of Delaware, so they can hide their identities and don
t have to disclose their monetized websites and don't have to turn in yearly earning reports.

There is no difference between street criminal and these individuals who have set elaborate tax evasion and tax fraud and they are laundering money by using off shore banks, so they don't have to report their income to the IRS.

Neil S Greenspan is employed at Case Western University, where he makes every attempt to uphold his credibility.

Aaron Greenspan tries to make the public believe with his narrative that he is some sort of credible software programmer but in reality this is all a big scam, as he has never invented anything, he just steals the ideas from other people and twists and turns other people's ideas in to his own. This individual is a dangerous sociopath and since his parents are responsible for creating this 501c tac evasion and tax fraud scheme they are complete sociopath's who have enabled their sicko son Aaron Jacob Greenspan.

Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized
Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized
Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized
Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized
Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized
Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized
Aaron Greenspan a/k/a Aaron Jacob Greenspan owner of vicious monetized

Apr 22, 2018

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  • Aa
      23rd of Apr, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Aaron jacob greenspan is the son of judith keene greenspan and neil greenspan.
    It's my opinion judith greenspan is the most hateful miserable human being and she does not know how to raise children!
    Aaron greenspan's mother raised him wrong! judith greenspan never taught her son aaron greenspan how to respect the privacy of others!!

    According to ohio secretary of state, judith greenspan is also one of the owners of think computer and along with her piece of shiitt son aaron greenspan and [censored] incompetent doctor neil greenspan (dr. neil sanford greenspan)!!

    Judith greenspan date of birth:
    May 27, 1954

    Judith greenspan address:
    20560 shelburne rd shaker heights oh 44122

    Judith greenspan phone number:

    Judith greenspan email:

    Known aliases:
    Judy greenspan, judi greenspan, judie greenspan

    Keene promotions, inc.
    Promotional products.
    Judith keene greenspan
    Phone: 216-932-1989

  • Ma
      14th of Jun, 2018
    -4 Votes

    @Aaron-Greenspan-IRS-Fraud Keywords

    Judith Keene Greenspan, MAS. Phone: 216-932- 1989. Email: Website:

  • Aa
      15th of Jun, 2018
    -3 Votes

    @Aaron-Greenspan-IRS-Fraud Do not do business with keene promotions or judi Greenspan. These animals are running fraudulent charities to avoid paying uncle sam.


    (216) 932-1989

    (216) 371-5443

    (216) 406-3073

    Ms Judith Keene Greenspan
    Shaker Heights, oh
    Neil S Greenspan

    Aaron J Greenspan

    Judith Keene Greenspan
    Shaker Heights, OH, Age 64
    Judit Greenspan
    Judith Kgreenspan
    Beachwood, Oh
    Saint Louis, Mo
    Shaker Heights, Oh
    +1 more
    Aaron J Greenspan
    Neil Sanford Greenspan
    Simon Keene Keene Greenspan
    Judith Keene Greenspan

    Shaker Heights, Ohio
    Neil Greensapn, Aaron J Greenspan, Simon Greenspan
    Twitter Profiles Twitter
    agree*****, jgree*****, jgree*****, judith.g********, n*
    Judit Greenspan, Judith Greenspan, J Greenspan, Judi K Greenspan, Judy Greenspan
    20560 Shelburne Rd, Shaker Heights, OH; 715 Warrensville Ctr # 3, Cleveland, OH; 4701 Pine St Apt B2, Philadelphia, PA
    Saint Louis, MO

    Neil Sanford Greenspan, 64
    Beachwood, OH
    Lived inCleveland OHSaint Louis MO
    Related toJudith GreenspanSimon GreenspanAaron GreenspanJami Greenspan
    Also known as Neil Greensapn

  • Th
      10th of Aug, 2018
    -4 Votes

    @Aaron-Greenspan-IRS-Fraud Did everyone see that Aaron Greenspan got caught red handed using false online identities and plant fake comments online? Aaron Greenspan is a psychopath. Aaron Greenspan has zero credibility and this time using the name John Fuenchem.

    The Herbalife Nutrition report must all be fake and so was inventing Facebook. is for sure a fraud charity

  • Jo
      24th of Apr, 2018
    -2 Votes

    Aaron Greenspan and his parents Neil Greenspan and Judith Greenspan are all in on this 501c fraud from day one. See the public documents from Ohio. Then these three criminals transferred this fraudulent 501 to Delaware, so that when they did the transfer to Delaware they would not have to make their monetized websites like and others public. They used a third party to set up this fraud in Delaware so that they could make an attempt hide their evil deeds and identities from the public.

    We are getting a Class Action Lawsuit ready agains Aaron Greenspan and his parents Neil Greenspan and Judith Greenspan anyone interested to sign up, in order to sue these criminals for all the emotional distress, terrorizing, harassments. stalking. job losses and reputation loss of so many people. These criminals only care about the money they can make and nothing else. These people are truly the criminals in today's society acting like they do nothing wrong. They are professional manipulators, liars and scammers.

    N 3 mins ago by Aa Aaron Greenspan is a Criminal Agree Disagree 0 Votes
    Aaron Greenspan received an IRS complaint against him in July 2017, December 2017 and now April 2, 2018 for operating a fraudulent 501c, using his monetized website for the purpose of Harassment, Threats, Stalking and using his website to Troll people online and ruin people' careers.

    N 0 mins ago by Aa AaronisaChildmolester Agree Disagree 0 Votes
    I got my info removed. I sent complaints to many people at Case Western Reserve University,

    Assistant Vice President of Media Relations and Communications


    Phone: 216.368.4443

    headshot of Case Western Reserve University Media Relations Specialist Colin McEwen
    Colin McEwen
    Senior Media Relations Specialist


    Phone: 216.368.4442

    headshot of Case Western Reserve University Media Relations Specialist Daniel Robison
    Daniel Robison
    Assistant Director of Media Relations


    Phone: 216.368.6515

    headshot of Case Western Reserve University Media Relations Specialist Mike Scott
    Mike Scott
    Senior Media Relations Specialist


    Phone: 216.368.1004

  • Jo
      24th of Apr, 2018
    -3 Votes

    Here is Judy Greenspan number 216-932-0546. Call to Get your info removed.

  • Jo
      24th of Apr, 2018
    -2 Votes

    Judi spells her name incorrectly in Facebook because she Is hiding.

  • Aa
      25th of Apr, 2018
    -3 Votes

    Here is Judith Greenspan's correct phone and address.

    Judith Keene Greenspan and Neil Sanford Greenspan
    20560 Shelburne Road Shaker Heights, OH 44122
    Phone: 216-932-1989

    You can also call her son Simon Greenspan (Aaron Greenspan's brother): 216-406-3073

    You can also call Aaron Greenspan: 415- 670- 9350

  • Aa
      25th of Apr, 2018
    -2 Votes

    I sware aaron greenspan looks like a queer in this picture. rofl!
    Why does he wear his hair like that?
    He looks like he's wearing a toupe with a pound of hairspray to keep it in place!!

    Aaron jacob greenspan phone: 415-670-9350
    Here is aaron greenspans phone number: 415-670-9350

    Here is judith greenspan's correct phone and address and phone numbers.

    Judith keene greenspan and neil sanford greenspan
    20560 shelburne road shaker heights, oh 44122
    Phone: 216-932-1989
    Home phone: 216-932-8096

    You can also call her son simon greenspan (aaron greenspan's brother): 216-406-3073

    You can also call aaron greenspan: 415-670-9350

    These are two working phone numbers for judith keene greenspan. she will answer both phones. you should be prepared to speak to a mean piece of shiitt when you call her. she is not a nice lady.

    Judith greenspan wants to violate our privacy, then we're going to violate hers by posting her address and phone numbers.

    Judith greenspan
    Phone: 216-932-1989
    Home phone: 216-932-8096

  • Jo
      26th of Apr, 2018
    -3 Votes

    Here are simon Greenspan Facebook pages.
    Aaron Greenspan of plainsite is a going to end up in jail and become everyone [censored]. You piece of [censored].

  • Jo
      28th of Apr, 2018
    -4 Votes
    (216) 368-1280 (o)
    (216) 368-0494 (f)
    Dr. Neil Greenspan received his A.B., magna cum laude, in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard College in 1975. He then earned M.D. and Ph.D. (Immunology) degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. From 1981 until 1986, Dr. Greenspan was a Resident in Laboratory Medicine (Clinical Pathology) at Barnes Hospital, and from 1982-1985 he was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular Immunology at Washington University, both in St. Louis. In 1986, Dr. Greenspan became a faculty member at the CWRU School of Medicine. He is currently Professor of Pathology at CWRU and the Director of the Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory at University Hospitals Case Medical Center.

    Research summary
    My research interests include understanding, at a molecular level, immunological recognition, antibody function, vaccine efficacy, mechanisms of immunity to bacterial and viral pathogens, the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus, and applications of principles of evolution to immunology and related biomedical fields.

  • Jo
      29th of Apr, 2018
    -4 Votes

    Aaron Greenspan is a mental case just like neil Greenspan md

  • Jo
      3rd of May, 2018
    -4 Votes

    Company Profile
    Sector: Consumer Discretionary
    Industry: Retail - Discretionary
    Sub-Industry: Other Spec Retail - Discr
    Keene Promotions Inc. operates as a provider of customizable promotional products. The Company offers services such as product sourcing, warehousing, fullfillment, embroidery and silk screening, and artwork and design services. Keene Promotions supplies customized products such as apparel, mugs, golf balls, awards, pens, bags, umbrellas, and accessories.
    Corporate Information
    450 Lexington Street
    Suite 1
    Newton, MA 02466-1921
    United States
    Phone: 1-617-243-0101
    Fax: 1-617-243-0202
    Web url:
    Terms of Service Trademarks Privacy Policy ©2018 Bloomberg L.P. All Rights Reserved
    Careers Made in NYC Advertise Ad Choices Website Feedback Help

  • Jo
      3rd of May, 2018
    -3 Votes

    Keene Promotions, Inc
    20560 Shelburne Rd
    Beachwood, OH 44122

    Contact: Judy Greenspan
    Title: Manager
    Phone: (216) 932-1989

    There are 2 Companies located at 20560 Shelburne Rd, Beachwood, OH 44122

  • Jo
      6th of May, 2018
    -3 Votes

    Here is judith Greenspan and neil Greenspan information. They are part owner of plainsite with their son, the phyco Facebook stalker Aaron Greenspan.


    Neil S. Greenspan, MD, PhD
    Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Division of General Medical Sciences
    University Hospitals of Cleveland, Pathology

    Phone 216.368.1280

    (216) 932-1989
    Judith Keene Greenspan
    First Name: Judith
    Last Name: Keene Greenspan
    Camp Nickname: Judi
    Street: 20560 Shelburne Road
    City: Shaker Heights
    State: OH
    Zip Code: 44122
    Country: USA

  • Jo
      10th of May, 2018
    -2 Votes

    The Greenspans know their son is disruptive. But he's not dangerous, they said, and what they don't understand is how someone's medical condition can be deemed a criminal nuisance.

    At the core of aaron Greenspan's problems is a lack of friends, a burning loneliness from years of rejection that literally makes him cry out, his father said.

    Over the years, the neil Greenspan and judy keene have tried to find companions fo aaron Greenspan : but forging lasting bonds has been difficult. Aaron Greenspan inevitably oversteps social boundaries, ruining any chance of sustained friendship. It frustrates the neil and judith Greenspans as much as it does aaron Greenspan. Aaron jacob Greenspan had his 10th mental breakdown after facecash. Aaron Greenspan is just like his brother Simon Greenspan. Both obsessive compulsive disorder to stalk people.

    the top priority with aaron Jacob Greenspan is to help him understand how his actions make other people feel, but that progress is slow. Unlike some people with autism, aaron j Greenspan does not respond well to punishment because he can't comprehend the notion that his actions have consequences, Dimick said. Aaron Greenspan also works odd jobs at keenepromotions for his ugly mother.

  • Jo
      11th of May, 2018
    -2 Votes

    Disgusting. Neil Greenspan Judy Greenspan were on TV past week playing the victim again. Click to 2:22 mark.


  • Ma
      17th of May, 2018
    -3 Votes

    Keene Promotions, Inc
    20560 Shelburne Rd
    Beachwood, OH 44122

    Contact: Judy Greenspan
    Title: Manager
    Phone: (216) 932-1989

  • Ma
      18th of May, 2018
    -3 Votes

    This guy should be locked up.

  • Ma
      18th of May, 2018
    -3 Votes

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan aka Aaron Greenspan is the founder of Think Computer Foundation, which manages Plain Site ( Aaaron's website states that he has registered Plain Site, a purported public access function to court websites, as a 501(c)(3) charity in line with IRS regulations.

    The basis for the website came from Aaron's own interest and experience with technology and the law. Aaaron claimed that the purpose of Think Computer Foundation was to help children through technology. Yet, later this became a personal piggy bank for him to fund his numerous lawsuits. In the past, he has claimed he was defamed because he was left out of book and movie deals due to defamation by omission. Each of his lawsuits were dismissed and he was hit with a motion for sanctions at each step.

    The case is:

    Greenspan v. Random House, et al., Case No. 1:11-CV-12000-RBC (District of Massachusetts) (Greenspan's lawsuit is dismissed and appeal is denied and supreme court review was denied)

    Far from helping children, which is nothing more than a cover, Think Computer Foundation and Plain Site have morphed into a personal piggy bank for Aaron Greenspan to fund his own speech. In sum and substance, Think Computer Foundation, Plain Site, and Aaron Greenspan are alter egos of each other. They do not exist separately. They do not have an independent board. They do not have separate auditors, attorneys etc. Instead, Aaaron uses these companies and foundations to raise fraudulent donations from donors, of which I am one, and to efficiently evade taxes.

    Aaron has also active sued the US Court System, on behalf of Think Computer Foundation, attempting to act pro se. However, his suit was struck out because under long standing precedent, a corporation cannot be represented by an unlicensed attorney. Aaron is not a licensed attorney. He is also a college drop out. In sum and substance, he over promises and under delivers and what you are left with is feeling cheated and feeling like you have funded a conspiracy theorist. It is truly unfortunate because here is a guy with so much promise if he could just be honest.

    The case is:

    Aaron Greenspan, Think Computer Foundation v. Administrative Office of the US Courts, Case No. 5:2014-CV-2396 JTM

    (Case Dismissed, Appeal Denied)

    The Fraud and IRS Problem with Plain Site and Think Computer Foundation:

    Aaron has collectved donations from his friends and colleagues, myself included in the amount of $100, 000, and to date we have not seen a single dime used in the manner described to us when he requested the donation. When I personally asked for my donation back, he pointed that he controls Think Computer Foundation and can personally use the money as he sees fit. I am in the process of filing suit for fraud and conversion in state court and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with either Aaaron Greenspan or any of his alter egos.

    But let me back up a bit. What was described to us as a part of Think Computer Foundation and later Plain Site? Think Computer Foundation was purportedly to help needy kids through technology. But needy kids don't really need access to court records do they? No, they dont. So Think Computer Foundation later became synonymous with Plain Site, which is an alternative to the publicly funded PACER court system access to documents. So, instead of helping needy children, Aaron now has a personal site masquerading as a court access website and Aaron, and only Aaron, gets to pick what or which documents are uploaded and available on Plainsite.

    We were under the impression that this was a reputable guy, that he was also independently wealthy and, thus, our donations would go to a good cause: public access to a court system. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell, which one, if any, of Aaron's claims are true. Each time his company has a problem, he attempts to act ike a lawyer or change the rules so that they don't apply to him. Worse, the Plain Site website has become nothing more than a trolling adventure for Aaron. Every time there is a new news story that details someone's misfortune, he uploads their docket on to the website and publicly shames them both online and through his tweets. While public dissemination of information is certainly a goal worthy of support -- and that is why I and others have contributed to his foundation in the past. However, using the foundation, plain site and related twitter accounts as a trolling feature to publicly shame and defame individuals is not what his donors signed up for. It is also completely against the rules of a purported IRS 501(c)(3) foundation. Tax free entities are not meant to be used as personal media outlets for trolling purposes.

    Aaron has committed a fraud by taking money, services and equipment from his donors to perpetuate a continuing personal website masquerading as a charity.

    The Fraud Problem with Aaron Greenspan and Coinbase, Inc.

    Now, what comes next? Aaron applies for a license to issue digital currency in Florida. Website is here:

    It gets even more interesting:

    Aaron was charged in connection with a criminal complaint for False Claims Violations and Fraud in United States v. Yurygrenadyor, Case No. 09-CV-7891, although the charges were dismissed.

    None of this information has ever been disclosed to his donors and perhaps his investors. He is a conman with a slick sales pitch. He wants to help people help others, especially the needy, through technology. But its all lies. He is an abrasive, ill-tempered man with poor business judgment and completely lacking in ethics.

    When I met Aaron I thought he was out to change the world. He was idenpendently wealthy. He wanted others to help him through his foundation change the world through technology. But he will talk to you until your check clears. The moment it does, all promises are off. What are you are actually funding is Aaron Greenspan and no one else. And his foundation is nothing more than a sham and he is likely to lose his 501(c)(3) certification. I have sent in an email to the IRS through their reporting service. I have filed suit in state court to get return of my money and I am wondering if Aaron has hit other people up for donations to his foundation? Did he disclose how many times he has been sued or sued himself? Did he disclose to you his selection process of what gets included and what does in Plain Site and how he sets up pages to defame people? Is anyone else owed money? Did you guys know that you are funding Aaron Greenspan's endless series of frivolous lawsuits? His defamation campaigns? His advertisements? Please report it here.

    198412345 • Apr 27, 2018, 7:14 PM
    Aaron Jacob Greenspan also owns and runs with his father Neil S Greenspan the vicious monetized website under a fake name and address in Arkansas, so they can hide their identities from the public because they are doing so much damage to people's careers and reputations all across the USA, just so these selfish greedy nuts can make some eassy money off the backs of hard working men and women in the USA.

  • Jo
      20th of May, 2018
    -2 Votes

    Shame on you Judy Greenspan. You will end in jail for fraud!!

    Phone: 216-932-1989. Email: jgreenspan@ Website: www.thinkcomputer. org.

    Shaker Heights Adult Support Group

    Shaker Community Building now called the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Building
    3450 Lee Road - Shaker Heights, OH 44120

    Judi Greenspan

    Contact for meeting dates and times

    JUDITH GREENSPAN 20560 SHELBURNE RD, BEACHWOOD, OH 44122 County: CUYAHOGA Phone: (216) 932-1989. JUDITH GREENSPAN 3504 ...

  • Ma
      22nd of May, 2018
    -1 Votes

    Judi Greenspan, judy keene Greenspan, keene promotions and part owner of

    Keene Promotions, Inc. | 450 lexington street, newton, MA 2466 | Phone: 800-Keene24 | Fax: 617-243-0202 | Email:

    Keene Promotions, Inc
    20560 Shelburne Rd
    Beachwood, OH 44122

    Contact: Judy Greenspan
    Title: Manager
    Phone: (216) 932-1989

  • Jo
      24th of May, 2018
    -1 Votes

    Aaron greenspan aka aaron jacob greenspan owns and runs under a fraudulent 501c non-profit called think computer where his father neil s greenspan is the vp and treasurer

    Do not let this little coward threaten, intimidate or harass this website. aaron greenspan will not be able to do anything and all of his cases get thrown out in us courts. this nut never hires case he sends a return address or any other contact information, then please make this public so we can be able to communicate with this individual, as we will be taking this sob to court. this [censored] is also associated with

    Please, just do the exact same thing that this [censored] does to everyone, which is if he calls you to remove something just hang up and if sends you emails to remove something with threats and intimidation just delete his emails and do not even answer him. if aaron greenspan gets really nasty and aggressive then just tell him to take you guys to court because you are in the uk and he has no jurisidiction over your website. there is absolutely nothing aaron jacob greenspan aka “sociopath” can do about it.

    The following is what aaron greenspan wrote online about people wanting to remove things from his monetized website and he specifically states that nobody overseas can do anything against him to remove something. the us courts already area aware that this individual is a very sick in the head person. also, we have made many us agencies aware of aaron greenspan’s hacking in to state and federal databases and that he has uploaded sealed and highly sensitive legal documents on to his monetized website that are not supposed to be made public. aaron greenspan is nothing more than a sociopathic con artist who suffers from delusions of grandeur. so do not let aaron greenspan intimidate or threaten your website to remove anything. there is absolutely nothing at all that aaron greenspan can do about it. this is also how he responds to people who ask him to remove things from

    The internet court is now in session
    How the “right to be forgotten” looks on this side of the atlantic.

    October 12, 2014

    Topics = { judges + judges + privacy + privacy + right to be forgotten + right to be forgotten }
    At the moment, there are 107 messages in the inbox.

    It’s not my personal inbox, because I make a concerted effort to keep this mailbox separate. the mailbox in question belongs to plainsite, a legal information service I started as a side-project three years ago to help explain the 2008 financial crisis. on average, plainsite receives between five and twenty requests on a daily basis from assorted internet strangers I have never met or heard of.

    Some of the strangers who send in requests are polite. some are most certainly not. more than a few are colorful characters. a small minority are lawyers or search engine optimization workers operating on behalf of law firms. all have been caught up in a paradigm shift that they do not understand, and that no one will fully explain to them. none seem to understand the position that I am in, because until a few years ago, i’m fairly certain that no one had really been in it before.

    It comes down to this: I am now a judge. I was not elected, nor was I appointed, nor am I strictly a volunteer. I am not a lawyer, and I do not have a j.d., though I did spend some months at a law school. I have no legally binding power. nonetheless, it seems very clear that I am filling a judicial role, and what’s more, to a certain extent, the internet is my court. the vast majority of “motions” filed read about as clearly and contain roughly as much insight as youtube comments. most don’t even reference a particular case number or name; forcing the requestor to choose a case on the plainsite contact us page often results in wildly incorrect information.

    Like the united states court of appeals for the federal circuit, which decides upon matters only related to patents, the pseudo-court I run is a specialized kind of court with a narrow purpose (and no actual authority). my court exists to evaluate privacy requests for a single private web site. at this point, every type of person ranging from poor minorities to rich executive vice-presidents has sent in a request at one point or another asking to have their particular case removed from plainsite, and preferably according to many requests, if I can manage it, “the internet.”

    From these requests, one quickly discerns that the average person’s understanding of the legal system is astoundingly lacking. on top of that, few understand how databases work. many suspect that their cases appeared on-line as the result of some sort of foul play. I have been accused by a requestor in florida of falling under the spell of a haitian witch, on account of plainsite hosting a case, and then my responding to the request about it. “this is simple and you need to control yourself and not let a haitian witch with diabetes do witchcraft to put words in your mouth and tell you what to email me. I live in florida and you live in california, this has no purpose for you, ” the requestor wrote. of course, I have also been threatened countless times with lawsuits for defamation, even on occasion by lawyers, who eventually realize that a defamation lawsuit based on court records would effectively stop right at the courthouse door.

    It’s an understandable desire not to have one’s name in the spotlight for being tied up in litigation. I myself have my name associated with a number of lawsuits, so it’s an issue i’ve spent some time considering. while I am perfectly comfortable being known for the cases that I have filed, I am also lucky in a number of ways. excluding counter-claims, I or my company is always the plaintiff. I have nothing I wish to hide. for me, it’s actually in my interest to have information about my cases accessible as widely as possible.

    For the recent college graduate arrested for a dui on federal land, that is not necessarily true. the same goes for a former bank executive who was accused of fraud twenty years ago, or a private person who managed a disputed trust for a deceased relative. nor do minority immigrants brave enough to sue their employers over discriminatory employment practices get as much leeway in the job market as white americans who have been in the united states for generations. these are just a few examples, of course, not including bar fight victims, department of homeland security workers, and a former commissioner of the nba.

    Afer doing some research of my own, I realized that there existed very little precedent to guide me in how to make decisions about the various requests coming in. actual judges evaluating motions to seal rarely cite any detailed reasoning beyond the general principle that case documents are court records in the public domain. for example, in the ninth circuit (which covers california and much of the western united states) there’s foltz v. state farm mut. auto., 331 f. 3d 1122 (9th cir. 2003) (describing “strong presumption in favor of public access” to court records), and then there’s kamakana v. city & county of honolulu, 447 f.3d 1172, 1178 (9th cir. 2006) (“historically, courts have recognized a ‘general right to inspect and copy public records and documents, including judicial records and documents.’”) but I wanted more than “general;” I wanted specifics.

    The proper way to rule on privacy in some cases seemed obvious: convicted bank robbers and sexual predators should not get to unilaterally prioritize their personal privacy over the real public interest in their crimes. nor should public officials accused of wrongdoing, and especially police officers. other situations were less clear. should a private person who owed another $100, 000, but had not declared bankruptcy, be entitled to have her case removed from search engines? how might the decision impact the next person looking to do business with her?

    From the start, I decided not to actually delete information from the plainsite database without a court order instructing as much. instead, I decided to instruct search engines such as google and bing to suppress links to particular plainsite pages, even if those cases could still be found by searching plainsite directly. eventually, I decided to write up a serious “privacy policy” for plainsite — not the kind of boilerplate nonsense that most sites have, but one that actually addresses these issues. so far, it’s worked out quite well. one way to measure success in this context is with the following fact: despite its existence in a thicket of legal issues and attorney records, and repeated threats, plainsite has never actually been sued.

    Celebration would be premature, however.

    In many of these cases, there’s no right answer, and there’s no way to know what the future will bring. there is even something of a global debate over what europe has deemed the “right to be forgotten, ” unsurprisingly stemming from a dispute over debt records in the united states, there is no such right, and in fact the first amendment to the united states constitution champions the ability of anyone to re-publish anything in the public domain. a few requestors currently residing in europe have consequently found themselves in the middle of an international legal paradox since plainsite is based in the united states and is not subject to european union law, even if google is when doing business in europe.

    Requestors who do not get their way are often frustrated at the suggestion that they can still petition their respective judge or court for a motion sealing their case. much like every court process, the process can be expensive (though a lawyer isn’t necessarily required) and relatively slow. nonetheless, there is no better solution because even if information is removed from plainsite, so long as it is still accessible at the root source, it is inevitable that other sites will come along at some point and find it.

    This gets to the real problem: that courts, and the lawyers who are designated as “officers” of courts, do not understand the new, interconnected context in which they operate. judges seem to believe that court databases such as pacer (on the federal level) will never be freely available. but much of pacer already is open to the public, with more coming on-line every day, and the trend is only going to grow in the direction of transparency, and increasingly quickly at that. what is needed is a radical re-structuring of the way courts evaluate information privacy, and far better education for litigants. most of the plaintiffs who write into plainsite are shocked and offended that “their” information has been made public. few understand the trade-off of privacy for justice, let alone the value of precedent in the legal system, which requires access to information.

    Meanwhile, the requests keep coming in, some reasonable, and some absurd. if I take too long to address them, angry requestors occasionally begin sending e-mail to my personal accounts, or send faxes, or call fifty-six times in a single evening. once, someone actually appeared at my front door. now, each request generates an auto-reply informing the requestor that plainsite has limited staffing and a thirty - to sixty-day backlog.

    As a result, I do not envy judges. I certainly don’t want to be one. their work is difficult and not particularly rewarding, at least in any direct sense. on the other hand, their stubborn refusal to adopt new technologies clearly results in a far higher workload for themselves — and for other organizations that have sprung up to handle the fallout from their obstuse inability to recognize the digital world in which they function. it would be trivially easy for the courts to automate all kinds of requests. yet so long as the legal profession thrives on the ineffiency of the status quo, it does not seem likely that such automation will be coming any time soon. and for that reason, the internet will continue to have me and an assortment of other software developers at various legal technology ventures doing the work of government — because for now, nobody else is.

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    Web site
    What is the total when you put 2 and 3 together and add one hundred?
    Lisa brown (
    November 15, 2016 at 4:19 pm est

    Attn: aaron jacob greenspan ceo of
    I just wanted to let you know you are destroying my life by posting my lawsuit on the internet for the entire world to see. some of the information you are posting is also incorrect, as you are stating that my lawsuit was a (wrongful termination) but it was a (sexual harassment) lawsuit.
    You have selectively chosen a small percentage of the lawsuits with the superior court of california and are posting private and very personal information. this is harassment and is preventing me from getting a job!!! please remove your posting for case no. bc508193 or I will be looking forward to seeing you in court. good day!

    September 14, 2016 at 3:10 pm edt

    Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. pacer documents are public, on pacer and at the courthouse. but being put on the internet is a different sort of public, having it waived in your face every day.

    With your site making so many people unhappy, why not just shut it down altogether. it is missing so many cases and documents that no one would rely on it anyways. when it comes down to it, you are an arrogant, not nice person for putting all this on the internet. even if technically you are allowed to. why not get a real job?

    Diana endt
    February 22, 2015 at 10:24 pm est

    My court case involving very personal information was only made public around a year ago because of plainsite. I was a victim of a crime in 2003 and was harassed and dealt with the ramifications of the assault until 2008. I moved forward from this crime in 2004 and was brought back in after my personal information and identification that was stolen was used again in 2008. i’ve since made sure that my personal information has been kept private in a manner that i’m still able to enjoy the internet as any regular person. anytime a search brings up a previous address or any information that is directly involved in my still unsolved attack, or i’ve asked the website to delete the information. i’ll never ask any court or official entity to suppress my information because I still want my case to be solved… my question to you is why after multiple pleas for you to remove my personal information after explaining my reasoning have you not only not removed it, but I became your first post to this site when I never meant nor wanted to be. please respect people who’ve been victim’s of crimes and the other public websites who honer them:)

    March 15, 2016 at 7:19 pm edt

    Have anyone had their infor removed?

    Saidreza farrokh (n/a)
    April 25, 2015 at 7:58 pm edt

    I just read your entire so-called “justification” of having your website. I even reached your father reasoning you to remove my information from your website. it is sadden me that with all education and such great family gene, you are not getting why some people are upset at you. I spoke with you in the most heated manner and you still stated “freedom of speech” and “us-constitution” as your justification.

    I have written in my email that I have never had any issue with your site keep my information or making it available upon any request (as pacer). my issue with you site is that anybody by going through “captcha” would access to my information. those information could be interpreted wrongly (remind you google case “right to be forgotten”). my beef with your website and I have not dropped my avenues to permanently shut you down (disturbing, clearly invading my privacy) about a case that the plaintiff’s intention was to silence me as “whistle blower” pertaining to violation of environmental laws in texas’s gulf region. the plaintiff has closed their doors many years ago and presiding judge passed away.

    My request was that after captcha, there should not be any access to the information unless a written request to be submitted as “pacer” has done. you have arrogantly refused. it seems that you would not believe any of your words as you have stated herein.

    Nancy billings
    January 13, 2017 at 5:35 am est

    You’re an absolute [censored]. shame. shame on you.

    Jill goldstein
    October 29, 2017 at 11:35 am edt

    Under federal law you have the obligation to turn over your supposed irs 501c form 909 to anyone in the public that requests it. I along with other people I have been in contact with have requested this irs 909 form but your refuse to turn it over as required by federal law. looks like you little sob you have one set of rules for everyone else and then your create your own set of rules for yourself. you are not transparent at all and hide all of your financial income data under your irs 501c that you have somehow managed to place under the think computer corporation. you enjoy hiding behind your computer and the first amendment but you are not complying with federal irs 501c law. you need to turn over your income, assets and the salaries you pay to yourself and any staff. you are being a non-transparent hypocrite and the irs will be contacting you very soon

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