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AAMCO Transmission / fraud and cheating

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December 15, 2008 I drove my 2002 PT Cruiser to Aamco at 8 am to get a second opinion on fixing a leak in my Transmission. At approximately 4:30 p.m. I contacted Jim the service rep he stated at that time that a cell was leaking and all parts and labor would cost $800.00, and they would give me a 3 year warranty and it would take one day to fix. This was verbal and I did not get this in writing, but I gave him the ok over the phone to do the work.

December 16, 2008 after not hearing a word all day I called AMMCO and spoke to Jim at approximately 4 pm to find out how long it would take to finish my car. At that time I was informed by Jim that the Torque Converter needed to be replaced and that would cost an additional $1, 500.00 for a total of $2, 300.00. I told him no that was being ripped off and told him stop what ever they had done and I would come pick my car up. He told me I would have to pay them $800.00 for the labor that spent taking my transmission apart. I informed Jim at that time that is was very strange because I had taken my car to another transmission shop prior to AAMCO and they told me it was a broken Differential. I had wanted to get my vehicle fixed by a company that is nationwide. Had I know that AMMCO is just a bunch of crooks I would have had the first company fix my vehicle. I just wanted my car back and am really upset with AMMCO. They are the biggest rip-offs. They are refusing to give me my car back until I pay them $800.00 for doing nothing. I just wanted my car back, and take it to the first shop that I had look at it. If they tell me that it looks like someone broke the torque converter I am going to press charges against AMMCO, because the first shop never mentioned anything about a torque converter. I filed a complaint with the BBB, but they gave Aamco until January 1, 2009 to respond to the complaint.

On 12/22/08, I contacted the Aamco president Joseph Foster regarding getting my car back, and I told Mr. Foster what had transpired regarding Jim quoting me $800.00 for a cell rebuilt including parts and labor, then once the transmission plate was removed the price triple, so I had told Jim not to touch my car. Mr. Foster was unreasonable and started screaming at me. Stating I approved the work. I told him I had only approved the cell to be fix because that is what Jim told me I was wrong. Mr. Foster said once they got the transmission apart then they discovered the torgue converter was bad. I told him that I wanted my car back the way it is. Mr. Foster said the transmission is out of the car and will not be put back in until I pay them $800.00. I informed him at that time I will be contacting the Attorney General. Mr. Foster said go ahead neither the BBB, or the AG will do anything.

After 3 weeks and no results from the BBB my dad went ahead and went into the Northglenn Aamco shop to tell them 'you really deceived my daughter and have her over a barrel', but the owner convince my dad to rebuild the transmission, so on January 6, 2009 we picked my vehicle up and my dad pay Aamco $1, 900. for a 'so-called rebuilt transmission, with a one year warrenty'.

The within 5 minutes of driving the vehicle off the lot the car started shimmying and making a low pitched squealing noise. I took the car to two other shops (free of charge) and both told me that the upper and lower engine strut mounts are broken, but they could not prove that Aamco broke them, or that they were broken on purpose. Also the steerling is squealing, but I know that Aamco will claim they had nothing to do with anything.

I took the car back to Aamco today January 12, 2009 and was told by the personnel that they got my $1, 900.00 and to never bring my vehicle back to Aamco again (go figure - so called warrenty). What did I expect - 'THIEFS'.


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