Auto Seller Network Complaints & Reviews

Auto Seller Network / auto seller network phone solicitations

Dec 21, 2018

They have been calling me about my truck for sale on Craigslist. After I told the guy to remove me from their list, and my ad specifically says not to solicit me and I do not need help selling my vehicle, he continued his sales pitch and became very frustrated and condescending. I...

Auto Seller Network / scam, scam scam - they have charged me but then after no service, no call response no email response

Oct 21, 2017

They will call you first and ask for money by taking you in the confidence. They did the same with me they charged 260$ and then after I tried calling them more than 50 times and send the email also, but there was no response. I got frustrated and then called to my bank to dispute the...

Auto Seller Network / Hoax Company

Jul 30, 2015

I got aggressive calls from this company to list my car that I was selling on the internet. They told me they guaranteed they will sell my car and wanted $220 to advertise it. I thought this might be an option since I had a guarantee. They not only did not sell my car but their customer...

Auto Seller Network / refund not honored

Jan 31, 2011

After numerous calls from Auto Seller Network promising to sell my vehicle for me within 90-days with a guaranteed refund should my vehicle not sell I fell for this soar excuse of a company's scam. Immediately afterward I started looking into my guaranteed refund. I found that the...

Auto Seller Network / Car sales scam


After I placed an ad to sell my truck on Craigslist I was contacted by Grant Parker who claimed to be from 2nd Chance Auto Financing. He told me he had two buyers for my truck if I was willing to pay $399.99 to secure a spot with autosellernetwork. I had already fallen prey to paying Ebay...

Auto Seller Network / No Refund as promised


I lost my job in September of 2009 and needed desparately to sell my 2008 Mini Cooper. This group from Auto Sellers Network made it sound as if they already had at least 4 buyers approved for loans to buy my car, all I had to do was pay them 499.99. If the car did not sell in 90 days I wa...

Auto Seller Network / scam


The above complaints are the same as mine, I just wanted to be heard also. High pressure techniques, lowering the fee so you feel like you don't want to miss the good deal, etc. Grant said he had three customers interested in my car, I never heard a word and he never returned my...

Auto Seller Network / advertising scam


I got an unsolicited phone call from Dean Kumar at They got my information from one of my online ads because they had all the details about my car. Assured me that they had interested buyers lined up in my area who had financing. Assured me that 85-90% of vehicle...

Auto Seller Network / Carries &F& Grade with BBB


Be wary of this company - they use high-pressure sales tactics to scam you out of several hundred dollars. I think the other complaints say it all already. They list themselves as a Better Business Bureau accredited firm on their website, which is true for their Phoenix, AZ location. Their...

Auto Seller Network / Took Months to Receive Refund


Auto Seller Network contacted me after seeing my car listed in Auto Trader. I paid a non refundable listing fee of $75 and a fee of $299 which was refundable after 90 days if the car didn't sell. I did not receive a single call or email during the 90 days. I sent by certified mail all...

Auto Seller Network / Fraudulent company


On Thursday Feb. 12, 2009, I received a call regarding the 2007 Ford Mustang Convertible I had advertised on Craigslist and Auto Trader. Asked if I had sold the car yet? I answered NO and he introduced himself as Kevin Dodge a Representative of Autosellernewwork an affiliate of Walmart...