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I ordered my new blinds on April 13. I keep getting told that they had pieces out of stock, so they were finally installed on May 28. Then one of the blinds was missing a part, so I was told they would order the weight that was missing and I would get it in about a week. After calling multiple times over the course of the next month and half. On or about July 5, I called customer service again because I had still not received the missing piece, which meant I could not open and close that blind, and one of the other blinds they installed fell partially sheering part of the new blind. At that time I was asked to send pictures of the broken part. I did and never got any confirmation of the email. Finally on either July 7 or 8, I received a call that 3 day blinds finally received the missing part. I asked if they would also be fixing the broken blind, and the installer had no idea what I was talking about. I was able to make an appointment for the installer to put in the missing part 7 weeks after the original blinds were put in, on July 16. Clearly, I was lied to. When the installer came, he was a nice guy, but had not idea about the other issue with the blind. He kindly fixed the bracket that had fallen, took pictures of the sheered blind and told me to call the company again to fix the issue. So now I still have to wait for 3 day blinds to fix the blind and I will likely take another month or two to have them act. Saying that they get you blinds in 3 days or so is a complete lie. From start to almost finish (not counting the sheered blind) has taken more than 14 weeks, or more than 4 months! This is crazy. Also, I was told that I had order a "light filtering" blind, which is not so light filtering, but rather pretty dark, making it so that I still have to either had the blind fully open to get light or turn on my lights inside my home. Knowing what I know now, I would not have used this company.

Jul 16, 2016

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