24hr Fitnesssystems break down with $15 towel rental

A few months back I went to the the 24hr fitness gym @ 1850 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112. I had inquired about the towel rental per month for which I was told it would be $15/month with a first and last month's towel fee paid upfront. I stated at that time I would wait until I was getting closer to the end of the month which would hopefully allow me to be able to take advantage of the towel program for an entire month. When I had finally purchased the towel rental for 2 months it was a fairly quick process. I paid upfront for two months from which I remember it being either cash or card, signed on a signature pad for an agreement, and got the all clear after paying stating that everything had went thru on my membership and that I was showing that I had towel rental on the computer screen next to my name (this is what I assumed from them pointing to the screen). For the next few weeks, I came in and received a towel, no problems. On about the 3rd week I check at the front desk for my towel rental and then I'm told that no I wasn't signed up for it. For which I explained yes, I've already signed up for everything because this is what I had done by paying and signing according to your agreement. Over the ensuing 15 to 20 minutes I'm standing there explaining to the manager of the facility that yes, I've paid for this service and yes it should state this on my agreement. For which they reply no, it doesn't state this and he takes a few of my credit cards to check and see if I have paid… for which I reply, yes, I have for the last time and if it states that I'm not eligible then why in the hell was I getting a towel for the past 3 weeks and no one has questioned it until now??? Needless to say I felt it was a waste of time arguing about a $15/month towel rental but I'm stating it for principal of the matter at this time because maybe this is a reoccurring theme at the gym, I'm not sure, but for myself I don't appreciate paying for a service only for it to sound nonsensical as to why I was given the towels for the past few weeks in the first place with folks saying yes, you're still signed up...

Another thing is my membership… my wife and I paid for a promotional deal years ago $750/person and $20/year which is a great deal in itself, but it seems everytime someone looks at my membership other than the manager it seems foreign to them.

Personally for me I can't stand paying for something twice especially when it seems the process is at fault and not the member.

Nov 14, 2017

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