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24 Hour Fitness / scary employees

1 UTCSan Diego, CA, United States Review updated:

I was member and was treated the way many employees were who have won suits against them. I rebuffed a trainer employed at 24 who flirted with me, followed me home when he saw me walking, physically hugged me or tried to on two occasions. A while after rejecting him he screamed at me and threatened me at the gym and then in my neighborhood (he lives near me). I immediately filed a complaint regarding his behavior with management (their own policy states this type of behavior is not allowed at the gym). Then he threatened me outside the gym. I eventually hired an attorney at a great expense who drafted a letter telling this man we wanted the harassment and slander (by this time he was slandering me at the gym) to cease or the next step was a restraining order. I notified 24-Hour Fitness of my need to obtain an attorney and two weeks later a "new" manager escorted me out of the gym and told me not to return. After numerous calls I was told my file was tagged and only one person could talk to me. I withdrew my membership after I was given no reason for the escort out of the club and was told I had violated something which was false.
The trainer continued stalking and harassing me. I obtained a TRO=Temporary Restraining Order and at the Hearing for an PRO he admitted to battery on someone else and a police complaint indicated another assault on a woman during Road rage.
During the case he stated, "this all started at 24-Hour Fitness, " and produced my name and membership status and 3 letters from other members complaining about me. He stated that I was "kicked out of 24-Hour Fitness and was never allowed to join another one." He produced a document obtained from 24-Hour Fitness that stated my membership status, "revoked." As his defense was filled with documents from 24-Hour Fitness and the fact they bullied the "whistle blower" me, when I complained makes me believe he has made them party to a law suit. He had solicited the letters from friends and co-workers (all dated after my complaints to management) which I never had a chance to defend, in order to "kick me out" of the gym. Recently I rejoined the gym and I told them I was a previous member and I still live at the same address. They signed me up without incident. So at the very least this man is using information from 24 hour fitness to slander and harass me.

This is a man the gym has hailed as an "Ambassador to the China Olympics." He is now being investigated by the DA for violation of the Court Order (TRO). This would be egg on their face. They supported a guy who now has an admission of battery, another police report of Battery with Road Rage, and an investigation by the DA for violating the TRO. ALL PUBLIC RECORD at the San Diego Civil Division. He was sent to China by 24 hour fitness after a Police Complaint for Assault and Battery.

Fitness industry rife with corruption: banking in on fatness not fitness (they do not want you to be fit or they make no money). No one has taken on this organization because they spend a lot on advertising. Numerous women in my region were stalked by employees of 24-Hour Fitness who got their home addresses after they scanned into the club with their membership card.
The fitness industry is rife with sexual harassment and unfair practices. They are not about fitness but about sales. Buyer beware.

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  • Lu
      4th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    wow, how come the complaint before me was from San Diego as well? is there some sketchy about the 24 hour fitnesses in san diego or something?

    There is a patron who exercises with headphones on and he is loud and
    obnoxious and starts singing in dancing loudly in my face and others
    around me.

    since we are on exercise bikes it is hard to move,
    especially since he usualy comes after people have been there for 10
    or so minutes. i havent beeen to the gym in almost 6 months and this
    man finds me.

    All i did was raise my index finger to my mouth, and the man came up
    and threatened me with bashing my face in. i told him that i studied
    law and that assult doesnt require violence, all it needed was verbal
    threats. he backs off, leaves, comes back, and patrick kelley comes,
    all the while my increased heartrate of 160 starts to subside and he
    starts reprimanding me, saying he doesnt believe that his friend
    threatened me, (he mentioned the man was hisfriend) asking me to
    divulge private informations in front of other patrons. i told him to
    wait till i was finished, that i checked in legally, showed him my
    elevated heartrate, and i was forced to leave.

    I am now afraid to go back to this 24 hour fitness, i was treated
    unfairly, the man who harassed and assaulted me was hardly batted an

    I dont want to make a big PR thing out of this but i will, i have
    never been so humiliated, degraded, harassed, bothered, and assaulted
    in such a short time span in my entire life.

    i would not be surprised if this wasnt the first time you were
    complained to be out this person, and if i am the first i am certain i
    will not be the last, at first i thought the guy was 'slow' or had
    some kind of problem but he seems to be completely intenionally aware
    of his distraction and the nuisance he caused.

    This has been going on for over a year and i never said anything, but
    when i come back to the gym that i havent been to in 6 months, and
    then i get yelled and sung and annoyed and harassed and assaulted and
    then reprimanded by the biased manager, i have a problem.

    The only reason the man left me alone and didnt keep saying he was
    gonna "BASH MY FACE IN" was because i told him i knew assault only
    required the threat of violence, not actual violence.and it was he
    only left me alone for a small reprieve to call his friend the manager
    to humiliate me

  • In
      23rd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree.

    I am a member of the Agassi Super Sport in Laguna Niguel. I had an employee their threaten my life multiple times and even leave me notes at the club.

    This person 'Rudy' even admitted to the HR person he left me notes and one night they had on tape him following me out to my car, to threaten me.

    He wants to kill me because I believe God is love and he feels it is people such as myself that has allowed gays into the church. He works the front desk so I could not avoid him. Initially they made a deal with me which was that he would not be allowed back at this particular location as he works the front desk in Laguna Hills.

    Then they started scheduling him again, and despite the repeated threats to me, he is back at the location.

    The manager at this location simply does not care, ignored my concerns for myself and others. He (Rudy) is mentally distraught and might decide to take it out on himself or others. Anyone who dares to have a different view on God. They tell me that he is a dependable employee.

    Let this serve notice that I have emailed, spoken on the phone to alert 24 Hour Fitness at the corporate offices, Laguna Niguel and Laguna Hills location.

    They 24 Hour Fitness are aware of the threatening notes, and watched a video tape of his pursuing me. They do not care about this ticking time bomb.

  • Dy
      12th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    All clubs have sketchy employees. I have had a restraining order against the head trainer at 24 Hour Fitness, UTC/Westfield in San Diego, CA. This same trainer has several police reports for assault, battery and road rage. When I brought this information (including police reports and court records) to the highest levels at 24 Hour Fitness - HR and legal - they did nothing but harass me (kill the messenger). Probably because this trainer makes them money and I was grandfathered in at a ridiculously low price. Corrupt company overall. Also a pattern with employees. A women at my new gym (not 24) said that employees look up hot women and get their addresses and personal information.

  • 24
      23rd of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I agree.

    I was harassed by an employee at the Irvine Ultra Sport location. My fellow coworkers who also use this gym were sexually harassed by the same membership sales associate. I have reached out to numerous managers, corporate HR, and their 1-800 numbers to no avail. In addition, they charged me $160 for one month's dues. I should be paying $39.99. Had I known this gym was filled with slimy men I would have never signed up. There is something horribly wrong with this company.

    AVOID 24 Fitness at ALL COSTS.

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