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24 Hour Fitness / pushy and harrassing

1 KS, United States

For the past 2 weeks I've been fending off repeated phone calls from 24 Hour Fitness. I went in there simply to inquire about a membership, get a flier and leave to do my research and decide for myself. What I got was a high-pressure sales pitch. They told me they didn't have any fliers, and that I needed to fill out an "inquiry form" that included my name, address and phone number. Then three male employees sat me down at a desk and used a notebook showing different plans (none of it was arranged by total cost, by they way). They insisted that I drop $160 on the spot to join. When I explained that I was just inquiring about their membership plans, I was repeatedly told that if I cared about myself, I'd join immediately and that $160 was a great deal but that if I didn't care about myself I didn't have to join. It was absolutely disgusting! They danced around the total price (I never believed that $160 would take care of anything at this place, and I never got a straight answer). I finally stood up and told them all that their Crazy Eddie approach was driving me away, and that I wanted no further contact from 24 Hour Fitness. They refused to return my "inquiry form", and for the past 2 weeks I've stopped answering my cellphone. They've called me more than a dozen times, each time insisting that they've got a great deal for me but that I need to act fast, etc. The last message was really pathetic, something about how he (the employee calling) was going to lose his job if I didn't sign up. If that's true, he needs to be somewhere else, anyway! From what I've seen of this organization and it's employees, they are nothing but scam artists. I wanted to take a shower the instant I walked out of there, and I hadn't even worked out. Avoid this place!


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