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21st Mortgage


harrassment and rude

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21st Mortgage
P.O. Box 477
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States
Phone: 1-800-955-0021
This company calls and harasses people even when you are one day after your due date. they also are not keeping their word on paying homeowners insurance that is written into your morgages. Furthermore they will tell you to sell all you own to pay them and accuse you of being a low life and that if you cannot pay then you need to get out so they can move someone in that can pay. I am asking ALL of those affected by 21st mortgage to PLEASE call the Fedral Trade Commisson at 1-877-382-4357 to report this company and then to call your State Attorney General and then to call the Attoreny General in Tennensse at 1-615-741-4737 to file a complaint agaisnt 21st Mortgage, if we all ban together and do this i believe we can shut them down and save future families from the terror and harm that 21st will and can cause to people.
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A  19th of Oct, 2011 by    -4 Votes
in response to the other comments you need to read the other complaints against 21st mortgage. And remember you do not know the whole story.
A  19th of Oct, 2011 by    -4 Votes
in response to TheLoveFistXIV, you obviously are an employee of 21st mortgage and thus are a jerk just like they are, as to your response the person above didnt default and if you had read completely 21st isnt paying the homeowners insurance as per agreements written into the mortgages when they are first signed. that is considered FRAUD. So quit defending a corrupt company and realize that they wil be brought to justice.
A  19th of Oct, 2011 by    -4 Votes
If all the youcommenting on this would bother to go and read some of the other complaints and BS that 21st has pulled on other people in very diffucult situations like layoffs, heart attacks, etc, then you may GET THE POINT!!! Quit defending them, they have NO right to treat people with disrespect, rudeness, fear, threats, or harassment, the Big mortgage companies do not do this, and i don't believe 21st should be allowed to either, and by the way there are grace periods on mortages and could understand if people were just never paying them but in ALL cases this isnt happening. I have read all the complaints and wish i had NEVER NEVER gotten a loan with them.
N  19th of Oct, 2011 by    -2 Votes
impudent 1, that may be the case, but you are ok with people calling and cursing you and demeaning you and yelling at your kids over the phone and when you do make arrangements they go back on them. I believe anyone has the right to mistreat anyone i dont care who you are. You must think its ok for some to beat the crap out of his wife too, that is the way you are coming across, and they arent paying the homeowners insurance that is written into the mortages, that is a real problem, but you must think its ok since you work for 21st . No im not nieve or bias, i believe in treating people with respect and dignity, regardless of circumstances because you never know you may be right there one day and i would hate for someone to be just as rude to you and you needing them to work with you. Why dont you go read a few of the other complaints and then see if you are ok with how 21st does business.
N  19th of Oct, 2011 by    -1 Votes
if someone is just screwing off and not paying their bills then yeah they need to be defaulted on. This isnt the case and when you do hang up these people are still rude and call from 6am til 10pm and harass, it hasnt happened to me but to a friend who called and made arrangements and they still didnt care. And the ins is theirresponsibility they have done it to 6 other families in my park alone and we have gone to our agent and they did write it in just havent paid. its wrong and fraud on 21st part. Im biased when you disrespect people regardless of circumstances, it will one day come back on you and bite you for how you treat others. It may not be their responsibility if a layoff happens but what happened to careing and conern for people its not your fault if you get laid off is it, no and if you really tried and made arrangements and still got treated crappy you would be just as angry as ALL of these people who have been hurt by 21st. Its an observation.
A  19th of Oct, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I am in agreement with Mouse. We also have 21st mortgage, have NEVER been late on a payment and we are still being screwed. First we found out they didn't pay our property tax (it was suppose to be included in loan amount) our payment went up because of that to include it in the loan at that time and then a few months down the line, we find out they are no longer paying our home owners insurance which they did for a year but then decided we no longer had any escrow. So it's not everyone's fault, when in fact we are doing what we are suppose to be doing. Think about it before commenting and walk a mile in someone else's shoes!! When you sign loan papers with a mortgage company, you are suppose to trust that they will follow what is written in the loan you signed and not change the rules down the road to suit their needs.
A  27th of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
We have had 21st as our mortgage holder for 3 years now and the first year was perfect until we got a little behind. We realized we were going to have to be late and called them a month early and asked about one (only) time payment deferral, they said they didn't do that. We said fine we'd be late then. From then on it has been a horror show! So letting them know ahead of time is pointless because they don't make agreements or arrangements of any sort. We even attempted to work with a loan restructuring program and they told us that under no terms would they work with any federal or state entity that if we weren't "losers" we would pay up! They have been demeaning to myself and my husband, they have lied to both their lawyers and the court systems about how late we were in order to file foreclosure on us on more than one occasion. The first time we were barely 3 months behind but they filed that we were 7 months behind. then we were 2 months behind and they said we were 5 months behind to the court. If you or I were to lie to the court system so flagrantly we would be charged with perjury yet they just powering on through like its another day! We even tried communicating with these people via email to avoid the demeaning verbal abuse but of course I'm sure they don't want to put anything in writing because we never get a response. If we could refinance we would but our financial situation isn't where it needs to do so in this economy. Something needs to be done about these nasty people!
D  27th of Nov, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Lies are lies too...and I tried to work with them and they refused to. If they hadn't refused to work with us when we came to them with a problem after having been on time every time with them up until that moment. Then none of this would have happened.
A  26th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
OMG I thought we were the only ones this has/is happening to..We have had a hard time and have been told to sell everything to borrow money..to move out so they can get someone in our house that can pay..then asked repeatedly when we will be out.. we are told the community we live in will evict us..and ive told the rep that they wont do that because we are paying the lot rent..I/we have talked to 4 seperate reps that all had the same rude attitude and told us the same thing..and YELLED at us..We get called multiple times a day..Ive told them that they need to work on their customer service and was told we are not customer service we are a collection department..to which i respond Colorado has laws against creditors!! These people are the worst people I have ever dealt with..If i worked the way they did I would be so embarassed speaking to people in that manner.
A  7th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I really wish I would have researched this company before I bought my home. I have never been talked to or belittled by anyone as much as I have by them. And that little snotty Mary Beth better remember that karma is a beyotch when she grows up and moves out of mommies house. I am not even late. I simply asked if it would be possible to pay 5 days late this time because we had an emergency in the family, but if I couldn't it was no big deal I would swing things around because I was only a couple hundred short. But instead of a simple no we don't do that I got a smartelic who wanted to talk to me like I was trash and she was better then me. Don't tell me that maybe I can't afford the house and should move out, because I will call your bluff and then see how long it takes you to get it off my land when it is on permanent foundation. Idiots.
N  7th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Sorry to say but they will seize your land and repossess it dont know how but i have read stories on here about them taking peoples land.
N  4th of Dec, 2015 by    0 Votes
I owe them $620 and they make threats to me the same way! I also have had no luck getting them to work with me, they refuse to return emails... and the only email I DID get was one that told me they would not discuss my account with me via email that I needed to call them. When I do call they are rude, judgemental, and uncooperative. They have NO interest in working with me to help me get them paid- they only want their money immediately. I came home to a letter on the door today! My neighbor said 2 white guys in suits where walking around my mobile home, looking in the windows!! The letter was another "contact us within 72 hrs or we'll assume you aren't interested in working with us" letters, but the guy had penned in: we are here from Knoxville, TN to speak with you about the account and your plan moving forward.

I sent them every single bill I have, medical and otherwise, my paystubs so they can see that I don't make as much as they seem to think I do (somebody told them that I got $700 in cash assistance! I wish!!) I even sent them the print out from what my son's father owes for back support. They care about nothing but getting their money. One day late, or one hundred- they don't care, five minutes late is too late to 21st.

N  4th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
I paid my loan off in 7 years instead of 25yrs. I still paid the same amount!!! So when I got a check from them with a not saying they had been audited and this money was mine of course I was surprised but relieved. I'm disabled and paid off bills with this. Several months later they claim this was insurance money for someone else. The original letter NEVER said anything about insurance!!! I have no way of paying this back and cannot afford a note which is what I suspect they are trying to do!!! Just CRUEL!!!

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