1st Convenience BankKept my money after the promised to return it.

I have been with this bank for about 6 years. Have had loans/ all paid back in perfect time. Made cash deposits bi monthly, occasionally deposited my payroll check. I wanted to start using mobile banking. I went to the branch manager, he said it would be best to deposit check so current record of check on file would insure no problems with mobile device. So I did.
Next day my funds were available and I started paying bills. Later that day I got an email that was of the rudest Ive ever seen. It said we have put a hold on this check because we feel because of multiple overdrafts on your account it will not be paid. we will release the hold on the 17th of January.
I made that deposit on the 5th. The letter clearly said if this is a bank error all fees and returned charges will be refunded. I called the bank that the check was written on. It cleared on the 9th. They still kept it till the 14th
charged me 4 nsfs, bounced my mortgage for another fee. Totaling $178.50
They refused to stand behind the letter, after some contest the gave me $34.00 back. Just to be clear the money was in my account, then they took it out two days later. held it for 12 days. even thou the bank paid it in two.
also there were two overdrafts on my account back in august, one was $12.00 the other $80. these were my multiple overdrafts.

Jan 20, 2017

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