1-800 Hanson's / Rip-off

Troy, United States

I worked here briefly as a salesman and I'd like to c=share my story for anyone who is thinking about going through this company for home improvements. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!! They have built an elaborate scheme to charge you as much as possible for inferior products. They will give you an hour and a half presentation and give you 4 outrageous prices. After you pick your jaw up off the floor, they will try to get you to commit to one, then call in to see if you qualify for a "discount". Everything they say is scripted on both ends and guess what, you always qualify for a discount! If you keep saying no, they will keep making calls to lower the price, which will always be at least 20% higher than comparable products from similar companies.

ALWAYS GET AT LEAST 3 ESTIMATES BEFORE YOU GET HOME IMPROVEMENT WORK DONE!!! There are many companies looking to rip people off!!

Feb 17, 2015

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