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Meijer (midwestern home/grocery store) utilizes Comenity to handle `their credit card accounts. Due to fraudulent activity, particularly in certain areas, they require photo ID that matches your card. However, each time my son uses his card (with his name on it and same as on ID), they deny the purchase presumably because the city he is trying to use the card in has a high fraud rate. This has been going on for months, and the only resolution is to call Comenity to override the purchase - BUT this has to happen AFTER the transaction is denied and he must stand at the register while I call (account holder) Comenity, wait on hold for an average of 25 minutes, then get it overridden. Meanwhile his food is spoiling in the line and we are all wasting time - it seems like there could be a better way to handle this problem, particularly when I have requested the same process numerous times for the same account in the same store! When I ask Meijer they say it is Comenity's issues - when I'm on the phone with Comenity they cannot tell me what is happening or why they can't reissue cards or resolve this issue. Meanwhile, I have two other credit cards which also utilize Comenity and have no issue with them - go figure! Someone needs to get a handle on this issue and work WITH their customers - obviously this is not a big enough issue for Comenity to respond in any positive way. Only solution is to shut down credit cards and lose all benefits I guess! Sad state of affairs -

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