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I was contacted by Combined and much to my mistake decided to work for them. There is this 2 week of training that focus on what W. Clement Stone wrote. I read two of his books and much to my surprise; I find much of his work is based on psychological studies that he distorts to justify his point of view. Even in the training there is a ###zation of a quote from Socrates. My office my first week I was on my own, my supervisor said nothing to me and I was given a listing of policy holders, active and lapsed, as well list of leads, and was told nothing. My second week I attend a meeting by the Manager in which he continued to call everyone "Stupid". I also had a private meeting with the Manager in which I got more listings...many with DNC (D0 Not Call) meaning under the law we can not contact them. The Manager told me to call them regardless and watched over me. After over 6 hours he then reviewed my performance with me and use words "slow" "whimp" "stupid" for me and the clients, those with claims as "taking the Combined" . Then I spent a day driving around town with my supervisor who did not say much. At the end of the day after the only person we actually meet he called me "Cold Blooded" "slow" and "heartless" just to name a few. I was thinking of pulling to the curb and telling him to get out of my car. Instead I drove him to his car and decided working for Combined was not for me. I never went back nor called them. I was told I was to receive a weekly advance and gas mileage, but only got it for the lst of 4 weeks I worked at Combined. After this experience, and two previous negative experiences working for insurance companies I turned in the license.


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    Smoky Meadow Farm Jun 16, 2011

    You had jobs with three separate insurance companies and they were ALL bad experiences??? Hmmm... what is the common denominator here???

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