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Apr 03, 2008

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - deceptive selling practices

deceptive selling practices, unauthorized charges to consumer credit cards and non-cancellation of memberships following cancellation requests.
I was charged on my Visa Debit card $ 35.99. This was not a charged approved. I do not even know where they obtained my debit card number. I went to my bank and cancelled that debit card. I filed a police
report for fraudulent charges in order for my bank to return my money. I contacted this "TLG Great Fun" and the were argumentative in response to my request for a refund. They said it would be returned in the
next "billing cycle". This is how the charge appeared in my online checking account: 03/29/2008 POS WITHDRAWAL 03/28 TLGGREAT FUN 54 800 -$35.99 No phone number was provided. I obtained it from
my bank Richmond County Savings Bank ( New York Community Bank). The number is [protected]
TLG GREATFn told me that they obtained my information from Columbia

Please contact Freed & Weiss so they can take action against Triligiant's abusive marketing!

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Thanks to marketing tactics (i.e., those pop-up windows) used during check out, without proper consent consumers are accidentally joining club memberships and having to pay for them monthly!

Most people don't even realize they are being charged every month for a service they never ordered!

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I ordered "GERMAN-WORLD" magazine for $39.00 back in April 2008 and paid via personal cheque.My check was cashed and I never received a single issue ! Where is it and what is my recourse? The cheque went to a P.O.Box in Alaska and I have no customer service telephone no.BEWARE !

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - Unauthorized charges to my bank account

I joined Columbia house in November of 2007. Starting December of 2007 I began to get unauthorized charges to my bank account. I had used my bank debit card to make my original DVD purchases. However, Columbia House kept charging my account for movies I never received and for different dollar amounts. I tried many times to contact a Customer Service Rep. and never got anywhere. It took 5 phone calls to cancel my account. I faxed and sent certifed mail to Columbia House regarding the unauthorized charges, bank statements and a letter showing what they charged me and proving they overcharged me $118.65. My bank, US BANK, is currently disputing this with the company. I have also filled out a form with the FTC, Federal Trade Commission. I hope a class action suit is brought upon Columbia House and this all gets resolved. It's scary when you can't trust, a once reputable, company with your banking information. I had to close all my accounts and start from scratch. Someone please help!

Dec 13, 2008


On August 8, 2008 I purchased some DVDs from Columbia House, the order came to $35.84. The order was shipped missing an item after many emails and phone calls to them I finally got my remaining item but they charged me an additional three times for that one item. After another round of calls and emails I finally chalked it up to a bad experience that I would learn a lesson from.

On October 11.2008 I logged into my checking account to find that I had two pending charges of $99.76 from Columbia House! I immediately called Chase Bank 800 where I spoke to a wonderful supervisor Pat, whom advised that as they were still pending she had been able to reverse them. As a caution she advised that they could submit again as long as they had my card number and provided me the number to the Chase Claims Department.

Immediately I began trying to contact Columbia House via their email process on their website - to this day they have NEVER responded to the dozens of emails that I have sent regarding this issue. Calls are answered by someone not qualified to handle the matter, so a supervisor will need to return your call and that NEVER happens either.

I tried to remove my card information from their site, which the site does not allow you to do! You also can not remove the check mark in the box allowing them to use that information for any future shipments and charges! In frustration I changed the billing information on the card to Big Bird, 123 Sesame Street, New York NY 10001

On October 14, 2008 they again debited my checking account for $99.76 which resulted in CHASE Bank charging me $75.00 and $32.00 for insufficient funds fees.

I contacted CHASE Bank filed a claim and closed that debit card (as they would not file the claim other wise). I provided them with screen shots showing no purchases, no shipments, no pending orders since the August fiasco and was advised by Angel that CHASE Bank would be crediting back the charge and any related insufficient funds fees.

Initially they did credit back the $99.76 and the $75.00 for insufficient funds. CHASE refused to credit the $32.00 as Donnell advised me because a previous request had been made (the $75.00) within a 12-month period.

On November 20, 2008 CHASE bank reversed themselves and took the $99.76 and the $75.00 from my checking account again. I contacted CHASE Claims Department on 11.21.2008 and was advised by Judy that she would re-open the claim and I would receive that information shortly. Several hours later there was still no information received. Again I contacted CHASE claims where upon Andre advised me that I would need to speak with a supervisor whom was currently on another call and would need to call me back.

To date there has been no communication from Judy or Andre’s supervisor, maybe CHASE has Columbia House train the employees in their Claims Department!

Thanks to Grinches at COLUMBIA HOUSE and CHASE BANK there will be no Christmas in our household this year. The theft of over $200.00 from my account by these two supposedly reputable companies has ended any possibility of a celebration of any kind in my household


Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - Scam and cheating!

I sent my payment of $56.35 to my columbia house dvd account, i never received the dvds they still owe me. They took my money on a canceled account, so i filed a complaint against them to the indiana consumer protection division office of the attorney general and one of the employees name marsha brown wrote a letter back to indiana consumer protection divison office. The attorney general believed her lies in the letter don't even bother filing complaints against columbia house to indiana consumer protection division office of the attorney general because columbia house lie to them in a letter. Columbia house needs an class action lawsuit brought against them and they need to be put out of business once and for all!

Sep 11, 2008

I have aquired the same problems as so many other people, and it is beginning to realy aggravate me. I get billed for movies I do not order. I have been sent Walt Disney movies and I order something else. CUT THE CRAP, if your going to bill me, send the movies I order !

Aug 05, 2008

Please help me get rid of this parasitic service. They repeatedly send me new DVD's that Idid not request. I send them back and receive credit (I believe.)
I am getting divorced so money is quite tight.
David L. Olson

Aug 05, 2008

I signed up for this frustrating service aout 6 months ago. They routinely send me DVDs I did not request and I send them back via post.
Their web-site is not user-friendly.
Please help me dislodge this parasite!
I am getting divorced so money is quite tight!
David L. Olson-

Jun 05, 2008

Got a shipment statement but no movies yet. Columbia ask me for information that they should have on my order.

May 30, 2008

I was repeatedly sent a bill for CD's I never r eceived. I would never and will never do business with Columbia.

May 30, 2008

Where are the movies I paid for? Four weeks have passed.

Apr 28, 2008

I sent a check for $5.00 for shipping and handeling of some movies and hav'nt received any movies yet.

Apr 26, 2008

this is a JOKE!
I signed up for this thing and have had nothing but aggrivation.
You can never speak to someone...{always a recorded message and a menu of ###).
I keep getting sent the same movie, and keep sending it back. I've gotten billed for the same movie on my credit card 3 times now and want out of this crappy service. Dont make the same mistake I the regular price in a REAL store and be done with'll thank me in the long run!
Dennis Verderosa

Nov 19, 2007

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - Unauthorized withdrawal!

I closed my account ([protected]) and paid 109.34 to Columbia house and picked four movies out did not even get my fifth one. On 11/5/07 they withdrew the amount. On 11/06/07 they withdrew 94.76...

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Sep 20, 2007
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - Haven't ever had a worst experience!

Columbia House DVD Club

I signed up with Columbia House and haven't ever had a worse experience. When I first signed up the documentation that I filled out stated that I would have to purchase two more movies within 1 year but when I became a member this became 4 movies. After getting past that, I tried several times to get in touch with them but they were very hard to impossible to contact. The phone number they had on the enrollment documentation was only a recording and I could not talk with an operator.

Then I pre-ordered a movie which would have completed my requirement to purchase 4 movies. I had thought that the movie was likely in the mail and so I decided to cancel my account. I wasn't happy with the account to begin with. After canceling the account I went back and found that the movie I had pre-ordered was not set to release for 3 months. What kind of idiot company submits a movie for pre-order more than 3 months before it releases. BTW, the information regarding release date was not immediately accessible where the pre-release request was (i.e. they didn't provide the information before making the order).

Now, my account is canceled, which I am happy for but I had to make a final payment and I don't know if the selection that I pre-ordered will be sent to me or not. Based on their past record, I think that the chances are very likely that it will not.

I spoke to someone about my membership back 2017. Telling I were not satify with the quality of their DVD's. And I wanted to discontinue my membership with Columbia House DVD club. And I was told I had to pay off my membership and pay for balance of (3) movies. And I did. I thought that would be the last time I would from them. Now they have been senting out movies and I have been sending back. They stopping sending movies but now the billing continue to come. And unless they receive prompt payment, they will report my unsatisfactory account to a consumer reporting agency, which will keep this information in its files for up to seven years. How do I get these Hound dogs off my back.
Robert Gillespie

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - Never ordered but charged to our account!

Somehow the company is charging for DVD's that we never ordered and have put them thru to our checking account in the amount of $22.94. We have never authorized a charge to our CHECKING ACCOUNT but I guess previously when we did order they kept the number of our checking account in their computer and randomly charge to our account when they think of it.


I am not a member of columbia house video club, but my chase credit card was charged with the amount of $25.94 for Transaction No. 24692169240000064356534 on August 28, 2009. I do not even know what item was purchsed.How can this be possible when only members are entitled to buy their products? I am however a member of columbia house dvd club which only accepts dvd orders.

May 13, 2009

I also have been charged for DVD's that I have not ordered nor have I recieved. There was a charge of 27.50 to my credit card. I feel this number was kept on my account from a previous purchase and they just continued to use my credit card number.

Mar 30, 2008

It is totally true. The company always mail to you the DVD and bills that you never ordered.


i have recd a lettere from penn credit corp. for a past due bill from columbia house video club stemming from 2006 it shows i owe $121.94 it also list this acct #[protected] i need some type of info or backup on this as i am almost 100% positive i never belonged to you club please contact me via email [email protected] with your phone number or customer service # so i can resolve this matter sincerely beverly cadwallader

Sep 03, 2007

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - The biggest scam there is!

The biggest scam there is!!! I never ordered any dvd or join there club. Why would I, when I'm a blockbuster guy. The claim they send me a dvd then I pay later. I never got the dvd and my wife...

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Jun 29, 2007

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - Not able to cancel membership

Columbia house is sending me DVD's I am NOT ordering faster than I can keep up with them. For that reason, my account is always in arrears for products I did not get a chance to decline. I have sent...

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Feb 18, 2007

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - This company is a SCAM!

In 2004, a minor in my home ordered these in my name. Upon receipt I called and informed them of this. They sent me a return address label for the "Intro Package" and the 2 Director Selections that...

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Oct 23, 2006

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - Should be investigated for criminal fraud

This is in regard to my experience with Columbia House DVD club. According to its membership rules, you must purchase 4 DVD's in order to retain its promotional price on 6 DVD's purchased at the...

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Oct 23, 2006

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures - Keep taking money out of my account

I would like to file a complaint against a DVD club Columbia house. I have cancelled with them 2 years ago and i don't receive anything from them. Now all of a sudden they keep taking money out of my...

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