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Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures Customer Service


Edge Line Ventures LLC

501 Ridge Ave.
United States - 17331-9049

Customer Support Phone Numbers

Mon8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures Complaints & Reviews

Columbia House / Edge Line Ventures / Being charged for dvd that i did not receive

Katyann on Nov 1, 2015

I have been trying since May 2015 to resolve an issue regarding DVD's that I did not receive but am being charged for. I have emailed them, I have written letters however, they just keep sending me letters demanding payment. Columbia House has never once mentioned my attempts to...

DBI Columbia House / Lied about nonexistent order

Charlene Uribe on Sep 22, 2012

DBI Columbia House charged me $50 for some DVDs. I called them and asked where my DVDs are and they told they haven’t got my order. Then I asked them why they charged me money in that case. They had nothing to say, so they simply hang up. I will return my money sooner or later. / Was tricked into a Columbia House membership, which still haunts me four years late

Shmalme on Jun 19, 2012

I, like many others, was tricked into a Columbia House membership, which still haunts me four years later. After I learned I had to decline their "director's choice" DVDs every three weeks, under penalty of being billed for something I wanted nothing to do with, I began looking for...

Columbia House / I did not order what they said I did

Trimer53 on Apr 17, 2011

They have turned an account into collections said I order CDs and or DVDs I did not order anything from this company now its in a collection agency I want a copy of the order My name is Shirley Sherwood address Box 73 Jasper NY 14855 The women that called was very rude I couldnt under...

Columbia House / Bad service


I would like the account people at Columbia house to get their stuff together. They tell me my account is closed but keep sending me directors choices. If you throw it away they charge you for the dvd and bill my credit card. I've tried contacting them with no response. This really...

Columbia House Video Club / Incorrect Invoice

I have today received an invoice for some good selection number DOC00003/LPC11111. Dated July 2009, and late payments September 09. I have never ordered any goods whatsoever from these people for at least the last seven months, nor have I received any goods from them whatsoever. I can only...

Columbia House DVD Club / Membership Cancellation

I have been a loyal customer of Columbia House for several years, with a large purchase history and impeccable payment record. On Wedenesday, June 24, 2009, I called the company's DVD customer service center to find out why I had stopped receiving their monthly E-mails. The first...

Takhar Group / Columbia House / Unknown Debt Collection

My husband and I have been receiving calls from Takhar Group for nearly a year. We are both disabled and are unable to deal with the constant harassing from them. From what I have learned online, a number of people have posted complaints about this company but not with you. The...

Columbia House DVD Club / Avoid at all costs


I am soo over their bs..first I enter their club and they try to renege on their own agreement by trying to make me pay for my intro package and two advanced orders before I even received the intro package..I complained to the Attorney General and they were forced to send me my intro...

Columbia House / Fraudulent Charge

Hi, Columbia House has submitted a bill they say I owe to a collection agency. I do not owe Columbia House any money. They have brought my credit score down 100 point for a charge of $23...that I do not owe them. In addition to that, I have no contact information for Columbia House. I am...

Columbia House DVD Club / Bait and switch fraud


I received a advert which stated buy 7 dvds for .49 each plus shipping which should have been about $25 in total..I ordered the following dvds at .49 each plus shipping...Single white female, the silence of the lambs, red dragon collectors edition, sibling rivalry, psycho collector...

Columbia House DVD Club / Legal Racket? Consumer BEWARE of their fraudulent business practices!

The worst experience ever! I am struggling to comprehend why this company is still in business. Their business practices are border-line fraudulent. Please, BEWARE. Don't purchase anything from this company, DO NOT give them your credit card info if you want to avoid long battles to...

Columbia House DVD Club / Got movies-did not order

In Jan 2007, I was a victim of identity theft and Internet fraud. I received DVD's from Columbia House that I did not order. I got billing from them for the amount of $106.76, with threats of turning me over to a collection agency. This was recently, after over a year of hearing...

Columbia House / Illegal Billing


I have received notice after notice from Columbia House for a membership I never signed up for. They're claiming I owe $124.70 for DVDs and a membership I've never signed up for. They claimed I signed a contract with them which I've never done. Columbia House also fails to...

Columbia House / collection agencies

I signed up with Columbia House, ordered the movies that I wanted and fulfilled my obligation. I went on-line and cancelled as well as calling them to be sure the account had been cancelled, which I was assured that it was. After about 1 or 2 months I started receiving calls from a...

Columbia House DVD Club / Unauthorized Membership

I recently became aware that someone had utalized my credit card to become a member of and order DVD from Columbia House DVD Club. RE: Membership #50567782078. I am reporting this as fraud. Authorizing my credit card company to not accept further activity for products or services from...

Columbia House / Minor signed up for DVD's without permission

My name is Dorselene Humphries, my grandson Shane Pike (whose name is on the account) is underage (a minor) and had no ones permission to order any DVD's on line. We have not received any DVD's nor have we ordered any DVD's...I am not paying for anything. This was a minor...

Columbia House / i owe them money

I keep getting bill from Columbia House that I owe them 43.88. I keep sending payments to this Company I, m paying by credit card and still getting notices. what should I do? The payment is sent to Indianapolis, IN 46291-0601

Columbiahouse. DVD / Extra charge

On 05 / 31 / 07 i received a small box in the mail from a po box in greenville sc. I assumed it was some type of free sample to i opened the box only to find a dvd from columbia house dvd club with an invoice for $5. 30 and instructions to make my next selections. I immediately called the...


So I heard about one of those free iPod touchs/iPod nano sites that actually give away iPods, IF you sign up for 7 offers they provide, sign up meaning give you credit card number. Columbia house had an ad stating 5 DVD's for 49 cents each. I assumed that'd be the cheapest route...