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FilmLush Complaints & Reviews

FilmLush / abusive payment

May 08, 2019

Hi On the 5th of May I expressed to you my intention of cancelling the subscription. You confirmed to me the cancellation but on the 6th of May I found it though on the credit card!. Should I report you to the Customer's Protection office or you do the right thing? You can reply to me at...

FilmLush / I want to cancel.

Mar 24, 2018

I registered 3/24/2019 to create an account with Filmlush. I want to cancel the account the immediately. My email is [email protected] and the password I gave is:! VIS9cin. I am cancelling my VISA card promptly so as not to be charged even though I understand they do charge. This is all the...

FilmLush / visa card monthly charging

Mar 16, 2018

My name is Oladiji Fisoye-Kings, 40A Herbert Road, London SE1 3SH. I only signed for free membership and I did not used your site or do I signed to become member, I have unauthorised £39.95 taken from my bank today 16/03/2018 by 18:41hrs and I think this fraud. I want my money return back to...

Film Lush, Ovymedia, Upspirity / fraudulent charges against my credit card

Dec 15, 2017

I have been charged by the above 3 film site companies without authorisation. This is what happened. My daughter was required to watch an Afrikaans film for a school assignment. We searched for it online and found it on a film website. Before being able to watch it, I was asked to provide...

FilmLush / please cancel my membership

Oct 03, 2017

Please camcel my membership and don't charge to my credit card. Because I never used this apps Please return the money I'd paid already from your deduction of my cc I just realize that you company always deduct my credit card monthly. I never approve to become a member. You just offer me...

FilmLush / why is there a fraud on my credit card?

Aug 07, 2017

To whom it may concerned: This is allen chun-chieh chan from taiwan. I have register your website in [email protected] Today, I got my credit card bill in 2017/07. There is one I never paid in your web. Date:2017/07/08 Dollars: usd 39.95 in gb It is a...

FilmLush / charged for a free service

May 07, 2017

I signed up to watch a free trial. I reliaed after that I could watch anything. I later realised my bank account was charged. I was charged for a free trial. Helen muldrew 29 pinley green markethill bt 60 1rx 24.4.2017 please refund my money I This in not very honest to so this I will be...

FilmLush / entertainment - films

Apr 02, 2017

I, anabelle mora rojas, opened your site, filmlush, about 2 months ago It informed me that as a trial for 7 days watching films was free and required me to fill the form for trial period, which I did. I do not remember I ever watched any film even during the trial period. Please note, I...

FilmLush / unauthorised credit card charges

Jan 14, 2017

I wanted to watch movies on my phone saw that I got a 5 day free trial so I joined I didn't get what I wanted so I cancelled online straight away thinking that would be an end to it. I've just checked my bank, why did I get charged $57.98 for this when I cant watch movies and it never said...

Film Lush / false advertising of movies they do not have or deliver

Jan 11, 2017

Oh my gosh, people I cannot believe that this is not fraud. This company falsely advertises movies to watch and they don't have the goods, the advertise free 5 day membership and get your credit card info and there is no place to log in to access the site. Then if you want to accelerate...

Film Lush / unauthorised credit card charges

Jan 01, 2017

Hello!! My credit card was debited on the 29th of December, 2016. I did not understand why and how that happened. Please do explain why my card was debited and I would also like a refund of my money please, especially as I did not subscribe to any of your online services. My number i...

Film lush / thief

Oct 26, 2016

Hi, about 5 years ago someone took out membership for this company and I got charged, it was out an account that I never used so I did not know the debit was coming out. They took thousands out of that account without my knowledge. I called and got about £160 back and cancelled it immediately... / deceptive business practices

Jul 30, 2015

I should have listened to my second voice. Not only was the product, quality movie streaming, grossly overrated, very few films were submitted for ratings. The $39.95 monthly debit card charge is deceptively charged without warning. I'm going to cancel that card for a new one. I got...

Film Lush / cancel your membership

Feb 02, 2014

Like me you may have signed up for the free 5 day trial - then realised, d'oh! Anyway, don't worry. Phone the number they give to cancel and do the necessary - i.e. Cancel your membership. Then call your credit card company and cancel your card. This way is double insurance that they won't charge you for their so called service. And relax.

Film Lush / took money from credit card

Apr 24, 2013

I looked for a movie on this website; they said it was free and would not charge your credit card. After I filled out the introductory information, the movie wasn't even there. The charge showed up on my credit card. I called the company; the customer service representative said it...

Film Lush / stay away, all the movies are bad

Dec 25, 2012

Major rip-off — stay away — all the movies are bad — movies like the life of pi — the hobitt are not posted — yet they get to keep to keep the money further-more they are not based in the US — the tactic - need to make an account — your creditcard will not be charged — 5 days for free trial...

Film Lush / don't fall for it, it's a major scam

Apr 25, 2012

I am one of the fools that got fooled by this website and made these ### a few hundred dollars richer. I called their toll free number, to cancel the membership. I chose to speak to a representative, the line got disconnected. I chose to cancel my account, i had to listen to the annoying...

Film Lush / charged me without notification

Oct 14, 2011

Film lush was a free 5 day trial and I suddenly noticed that they charged me Us $ 39.95. Upon signing for a free trial it wsa very clear that our credit crd number is being requested for validating our identity and there will be absolutely no charges whatsoever. I never used the site after trial period nd got charged. I want them to return my money. / how is this not a scam?

Mar 27, 2011

You google a movie, find site saying you can download it, get redirected to another site ( - already reported as a scam on this site) and asked to create a log in id. You are then redirected to, and asked to submit credit card info to become a member on a 5...

Film Lush / total rip off


Filmlush came up on a search I did for a movie and I signed up for the free 5 day trial. After that, you are automatically signed up for their premium membership at $49.95/month. Turns out they didn't have the movie I was looking for (or any other movies/shows i would be interested...