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Stolen credit card details

I found Filmous website and really liked it, there were lots of movies I really wanted to see so I subscribed and paid for the service. There actually is a huge variety of movies there and quality is also great.
But then I noticed that some money disappeared from my card, later the same thing happened again! Someone stole my credit card details and used my money to make online purchases. That happened only after I provided Filmous my credit card information.
I'm not an online shopper and this was actually the first service in the about half a year when I used my card online!
Total scam! Had to call my bank and cancel my card.

I have NEVER had a movie download completely

I have NEVER had a movie download completely!! Yet a friend has had no trouble. Very frustrating!!! Sit and watch a movie for 1 hour and 47 minutes only to have it stop. I've watched about 6 movies now never seeing the last 30 to 60 minutes!! Seems to be no support as no one has ever responded to my emails to help.

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    NEibor Apr 16, 2011
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    "If" one can download the files, upon opening them one will discover they are "corrupted!" As such, my recommendation is to NOT waste your time or money with

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Resolved Stay away

These companies are jointly owned and operated. Most of the downloads at and provide are of poor quality. Several times files are unable to be completely downloaded but they still charge customers for them & offer NO support to correct their problems. Once they have your credit card, it's over.

Worst of all, when you try to cancel out- they continue to bill your credit card monthly. They will rack up hundreds of dollars on your account. They know how the system works- so the only way to make the charges stop is to cancel the credit card they are billing.

STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!, filmous, movieberry,,, mp3panda these companies are all run by the same Russian outfit. STAY AWAY!

  • Tj
    tjjjc2 Mar 08, 2011

    Filmous does give credits, seems the service is getting better

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  • Ji
    jimmurray Oct 29, 2011

    I have been with filmous for two years now and I have had to contact their customer service twice. Once was for a movie that would not download, They credited me the $1.50 within 24 hours. The second was a complaint that their billing service kept refusing my credit card and the sent a reply in about 10 hours stating they had fixed the link and the credited me an additional $5.00. The do respond to complaints. I should also state that when the site indicates a movie is low quality, it is but for a LQ movie that costs .75cents what do you expect. When HD or high quality is available, expect to pay $1.50 or $2.00

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Resolved Incomplete movie files

Hopefully this posting will save others from being ripped off. provides files that can not be completely downloaded & the few that are able to be downloaded are of very poor quality.

Many look like Kramer from Sienfeld filmed them himself at the theater with a camcorder. No Joke!
When you realize that you are paying for crap & try to discontinue your membership, will tell you they have canceled your account (this part is accurate-they will suspend your access to the account) but you will then find the following month & the month after that & so on, that your credit card is still being charged.

Trying to contact is a waste of time- they will tell you one thing & do entirely another. This is the stereotypical Russian online company- ripping people off with no regard to ethics or the law. The only way to discontinue charges once they have your info is to cancel the credit card all together. Do NOT think that your credit card company will help you out in disputing the charges- the Russians at, & know how the system works & take full advantage of the system by having a third party company handle their billing.
My complaint is not with or, I mention those sites because I discovered they were all connected to the lying folks at & can only imagine that the game is played the same by all of their companies.

  • Da
    DAW403 Mar 08, 2010

    I don't know about the ethics of filmous's billing practices but I became concerned about the their web page below for handling credit card payments. They claim to use SSL (secure socket layer) protocol for handling credit card information but neither the URL shows a 'https' prefix or the task line at the bottom show a padlock icon, common features of a secure web site:

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  • Na
    natashaemma Oct 27, 2010

    For the past two weeks it has been impossible to log on to their website. no explanation at all. the members deposits must be millions !

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Resolved Movies are faulty

The movies are faulty in that they "stop" playing. I've complained twice but Filmous doesn't even...

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