Coles Supermarketslittle shop promotion.

J Aug 12, 2018

I just wish to register my dissatisfaction with the whole 'Little Shop' promotion.

We have 8 year old twins who have been avidly collecting the items and, now as the promotion has nearly run its course, they have no chance of collecting a full set each.

Whenever we shop at Coles Supermarkets we continually get the same items and are unable to get variations to complete a set (let alone two sets).

Amazingly some person in Ballarat is selling a complete set for $400 - how did they get a full set I hear you ask. Easy, they, their partner or friend works at Coles.

This is the problem with all these types of promotion, the staff take them home. They can 'feel' each packet and collect the ones they want. When we have been given an item we already have multiples of (you can feel what it is through the wrapper), we have requested to swap for another - standard response - NO.

The same problem occurred at Woolworths with their Marvel disc promotion.

The $30 spend for each 'Little Shop' item is, in my opinion, excessive. If you spend $29, bad luck, you get nothing.

All in all a disappointment to my children.

I can assure you that we have now ceased to shop at Coles and will now use Aldi and IGA.

Thank you.

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