Coles Supermarketsexchange

V Aug 14, 2018

Dear Sir/ Madam

I went into Coles tonight to exchange a product, I paid in cash, unfortunately I didn't have a receipt it was thrown away, with a new baby you don't have a minute to think sometimes and I paid in cash, my assumption was that at least I would be entitled to an exchange, I purchased this product last week, I can even tell you the price, I completely understand about providing proof of purchase but if it scanned on the register isn't that enough proof for at least an exchange, I got the blunt remark by the manager no receipt, no refund or exchange apparently it's a new policy, that any refund over $10 without a receipt is up to the descretion of the manager. I find this unsatisfactory, I felt like I was treated like a thief. I have no use for this product what a waste, the lady at the counter said that every Coles was different, I find this amusing shouldnt all of your supermarkets uphold the same policy or every supermarket has its own rules according to the socio economic structure of the community which then I find prejudice, by all means have your rules or regulations but don't place predicaments on the customer especially when they have done the right thing. If your super market has an issue with security why place it on the customer, i'm surprised and shocked at what I thought would be a simple exchange to sorry no can do, what is the world coming too.

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