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3 Sep 06, 2018

I am a regular click and collect customer, travelling 7 - 10 kms to collect depending on the store I choose on the day. When Logan Central advertised in store that they were doing click and collect I was so impressed I would only have to travel less than 1 km to my local store to collect my online shopping. However when I placed my order and went to submit it came back I was unable to purchase basic items yoghurt, tunas, bread, ham, chicken, mince etc my trolley had been halved with what I actually wanted to buy. It was unusual for this to happen, I phoned the store in question and spoke to 2 men who advised to call IT for click and collect, really I am the customer why should I have to log the issue ???? I did phone online orders and it is a location issue unable to help me, apart from collect it from a different store which I did. My extended issue with this feedback is I asked Logan Central if I could bring my receipt to the store and collect the minis as I had tried to order it with them in the first place I was told no, I proceeded to explain my situation was different as I was unable to order from the store. I asked for the store manager and waited 8 mins for him and no answer. I will not set foot in Coles Logan Central again, my family shop of $200 per week plus the bits and pieces I may pick up after school will now be spent elsewhere.

click and collect

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