Coles Supermarkets Australiacoles brand chicken breast tenders

Hi there I've been buying Coles Brand Chicken Breast Tenders for as long as they've been selling at Coles Stores. This product was a favorite of our family. They were very good quality real chicken pieces which we loved, they were very tasty and quick and easy for a weeknight meal. However, last time I went to buy then found label "New Recipe"!! I could tell just by looking at the chicken pieces that they were very different. The looked thinner and just did not look the same quality. I decided to buy a pack and try anyway, but my impression was correct. This product has been totally altered and is not CRAP. They are not using real chicken pieces any more, this is some sort of manufactured minced up chicken with booster additives to bulk up the mass of the product, and is now nothing like real chicken pieces. Note however, the price has not changed!! Will not be buying again! Rubbish and very disappointing. Why is it that whenever you find a product you really like and enjoy and is good quality they take it way. It's all about the profit margin and pure greed, no concern for having quality products or real customer satisfaction! Not happy Jan!!! Very disappointed!

  • Updated by Joanne Ginever, Oct 07, 2019

    Above meant to read "is NOW crap!" (not NOT!)

Oct 07, 2019

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