Coles Supermarkets Australiacoles brand lemon and pepper tuna

L Jul 07, 2019

My husband and i shop weekly at your Pacific Epping store. For the last 6 weeks there has not been any of the Coles brand lemon pepper flavoured tuna on the shelf. We have asked on a number of occasions for someone to check out the back, only to be told they had none. We have even spoken to the grocery manager and he assured us that he would personally make a note that the item needs to be reordered. That was 2 weeks ago and still there is none in store. We know that there isnt any problem with supply because we have been able to purchase it at other Coles supermarkets, which has been very inconvenient to have to travel to another location just for that 1 item. This is both a time and costly problem. Especially since we have had to do it for 6 weeks. We have tried all the flavors and other brands and this is the only one that we like, so it has been very disappointing that we cant get any at our local store.

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