Coles Supermarkets Australiacheckout service staff

M Oct 03, 2019

went to the checkout on 30/09/19 had all my empty bags in my freezer bag which was zipped up, the checkout staff member asked me if anything was in the bag which I said my empty bags she proceeded to scan my items and leave them beside the bag I asked her why she wasn't putting them into the bags which she replied I haven't got the time to unzip the bag I said what do you mean you haven't got time to unzip the bag then she said she couldn't be bothered to do it so I then started putting them in myself then she started to help me and I told her not to bother I do it myself I use to work on the checkout at coles and I never served/treated customers like that somebody ought to teach her how to serve customers she was on register 13 at 4pm and my receipt no 6444.

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