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X Jul 05, 2019

Please see attached tax invoice shopping document relating to the most unpleasant experience I have ever had the misfortune to be part of at Coles Geraldton on the 5/7/2019 at 14.58

I had inadvertently had 19 items instead of the 12 max required for this checkout.
I was at fault but didn't realize I had this amount of items.

Kristy processed the order but then became engaged by the man immediately behind me who called me a [censored]ing idiot, loudly, about the number of items.
As you can see many of my items were small and when you are impulse shopping you can get the number wrong. My fault.
What is unforgivable ( I suggest you watch the footage) was that Kristy engaged the man complaining with smirks and smiles. I had trouble putting all items into my carrier bag; she stood and watched and at no stage when I was fumbling for my flybyes card and credit card did she reassure me, or help me pack, or have an appropraite toned voice that its ok, take your time and smile . No, it was a continuing charade of placating the man behind me. Smiling, laughing. I complained to the ladies in the cigerette counter next to her, only to receive the same sort of curt short punctuated indifferent response.

Where was her smile and understanding, ; no tenderness or skills in helping me and the insults from shopping at Coles.
I left so disgusted with these 2 staff. They need training in how to respond, using some resemblance of an Emotioanl Intelligence quota to what happened.
Both ladies need some skilling training. It was like witnessing erreant teenagers with attitude and smirking laughing demeanors.

Yours sincerely
Jeffery T Kulen-Smith
Flybyes member [protected]

check out personnel (kristy p)

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