Coles Supermarkets at Casey Central - Cranbourne Northrude behavior and worst customer service by an employee by the name:- olivia

H Aug 02, 2018

Date of Incident:- 31/07/2018
Name of Employee:- Olivia
Description:- We went for a shopping at coles and she served us at the check out. Before started scanning the items she asked us that if we do have our own bags and we replied - No we don't and than she started scanning all our items and keeping them on side. My wife asked her that aren't we getting the bag and than she started arguing with us saying that I asked you and you said No and started creating a drama in the store . Very rude to the customer and No smile at her face when she started serving us as well. I find it racist as well. I don't understand why store employs this type of people who doesn't know how to deal with the customer. I think she needs to be put on review for the behavior she has done. Please provide he more training or if she doesn't like her job ask her to leave. There are lot of nice people in the market who wants a job in Retail Industry who are dedicated to customer service and they don't get it.
Please revert back what actions are taken against her and I will definitely visit again as I stay nearby.

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