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Coleman Furniture reviews & complaints

Coleman Furniture complaints 24

Coleman Furniture - Rawcliff sectional

I order the rawcliff sectional received August. Could notice the ottoman foam was broke down and swagged. Reached out to them no help will not stand behind product (I also had the guardian plan : they told me issue was with the manufacture) Coleman won't reach manufacturer, said they couldn't but I bet they're still ordering products from them….anyway if you order this sectional better get directly from Ashley! This is my second rawcliff because my house burnt…I ordered the first directly from Ashley and it was great…I have nothing great to say about Coleman except shame on them!

Desired outcome: Replacement

Coleman Furniture - bedroom set

Order 6159948

It's a long story of how my experience with Coleman furniture has been and it's alot more but here is the ending.
There were delays in my order, miscommunication constantly. Every time I called, I was told something else by the agent before you or the agent i just spoke with yesterday or last week.
I have spoken to Chen, sarah, to supervisor Melissa, then Julie, to final supervisor I spoke to Tina or Salva G. I made every attempt to resolve it through customer service, speaking to multiple supervisors. I even reached out to their social media on Instagram and I was blocked by Coleman Instagram.
The furniture arrived missing parts and the parts that were here are damaged, paint drip and overspray, poorly crafted. Delivery driver for Coleman did not bring the night stand and wants to charge me additionally for it. No matter who you speak with everyone from supervisors to employees say they can not do anything for their errors. Only thing they can say is sorry.
Sorry doesn't fix the issue. I need solutions, not empty promises and repeated sorry's
Refund of 15% restocking fee that was charged to me for an error of coleman's and their delivery company Tuscany
User's recommendation: Do not purchase from Coleman's furniture.

Desired outcome: Refund of 15% restocking fee that was charged to me for an error of coleman's and their delivery company Tuscany


Coleman Furniture - Ordered sectional August 8, 2021 and delivery date keeps getting pushed back.

Ordered Ashley sectional in August 2021 and was told at that time was told it would be 3-4 weeks for delivery. Not long after ordering, we began receiving email updates with the delivery pushed to October 2021, then November, December, January, February, March and the latest April 9, 2022. They are blaming it on COVID but this is getting pretty ridiculous!

Desired outcome: We need some sort of discount, gift card for all the delays.

If this is rawcliff you better cancel and go straight through Ashley.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Coleman Furniture - Does not stand behind products sold - misleads about being the manufacturer which turns out, they are not!

Shopping on their site is easy but don't expect them to stand behind what they sell. Purchased the Jaine White 126" Entertainment Wall unit and it was delivered mid afternoon. There is no sunlight that enters the room at that time and we did not notice any issues with the piece. The very next morning while walking across that room the sunlight coming in exposed a malformed, warbled area on the bridge connecting the two towers. I took photos and contacted Coleman. Immediate response was "you signed that all was okay so we have no responsibility". When I told them of the lighting issue and showed them photos, they still denied help other than offering $80 credit to have someone fix it, but gave no help or contacts to get it repaired. No one in my area wants to touch it. I explained that it was a defect in manufacturing, not shipping damage. They had me fill out a warranty claim form saying that they would help me as a go between with the manufacturer. Funny, the website clearly states that Coleman is the manufacturer. Nonetheless, I filled out the form, they supposedly contacted the manufacture who quickly denied any responsibility and Coleman says "case closed". What a joke. Was going to buy more from them, not now. I'd suggest folks stay away from this company as they misrepresent themselves, the products they sell and do not stand behind them.

Desired outcome: Replace the defective bridge

Oct 16, 2021

Coleman Furniture - Couch delivery

Horrible customer service. I ordered coach to replace an existing one with exact same dimensions. Took over 10 months for order to come in. When it came in, the delivery service didn't even try to bring it in the house, claiming it would never fit. Mind you, I had already brought in and removed THE. SAME. COUCH. Advice from Coleman was to leave it in the back yard and they also charged me $400 cancellation fee. Bottom line, you are better off buy furniture from LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE.

Desired outcome: Not charged $400 cancellation fee

Coleman Furniture - Alberta leather sofa

This sofa is of extremely poor quality. The sofa was delivered on 7/8/20. Within a month of very light use the cushions started to wear and became quite uncomfortable. When two people had the sofa in...

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Coleman Furniture - Kept my money

Web site said product was in stock and ready to ship so I ordered. Was then notified it wasn't available for 6 months. Asked to cancel and was told I could, however Coleman delayed for several days then notified me the product was ready to ship by the end of the month, I continued to demand a cancelation of the order. They finally canceled my order and kept 15% of my $3k order. I have all the emails to prove my case.

Aug 29, 2020

Coleman Furniture - Failure to fix broken chair

It won't let me leave a review without a star. That is the only reason one star is here. I ordered furniture in Oct 2019, received in November 2019.
In April 2020, one of my chairs broke (it was only the 2nd time the chair had been sat in). I called Coleman and was told to call the extended warranty people. I called them and was told that the extended warranty wouldn't start until November 2020, that it falls under Colemans 1 year warranty. Then began the arguing back and forth. Yes, Coleman will pay someone $125.00 to fix it, no you can't bring it anywhere as it could cause more damage. Me telling Coleman that no one will come here to fix it. to pretty much Coleman telling me, well I guess you're screwed. I knew I should have just bought furniture from a regular furniture company, I would have received a replacement without all this hassle & now that the initial claim was made through the extended warranty company, I am stuck with a broke chair.

Aug 06, 2020

Coleman Furniture - Unethical practices by coleman furniture and affirm financing co.

I ordered a loveseat from coleman furniture and financed by affirm by way of coleman furniture. The order was placed on 7/12/20 and the first payment due had to be paid to affirm. However, the...

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Jul 29, 2020

Coleman Furniture - Order# 6029960 erroneous delivery date

Hello Coleman's CEO/President, On 6/4/20 we (Veronica /Paul Williams) received a conformation email advising the estimated time for delivery to me was 5-6 weeks. As of 7/29/20 I have not received...

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Nov 16, 2019

Coleman Furniture - service

It all started when I ordered a bedroom set and a bookcase on 9/25. Then I decided to order a living room set, but I found the same set cheaper at Orlando Furniture. Now although Coleman's says they...

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Nov 14, 2019

Coleman Furniture - dining set

Watch out for the bait and switch…
Watch out for the bait and switch routine with their advertising. I purchase a dinning set with four chairs as it is advertised on their website( ID: ASL-D736-32-ROOM). I also ordered two additional chairs. Upon delivery only four chairs showed up. I was informed by Coleman that I was "confused as the table only come with two chairs" and I bought two more. I informed Coleman of why does it say you get four chairs? They said it's a billing error on the finance company. I said what does the finance company have to do with the way you advertise? They claim the price is in error and now want more money for the two extra chairs. I told them to come pick the merchandise up, and now they are strong arming me into paying return charges and a restocking fee.

Coleman Furniture - billing

In our opinion this company is involved in fraudulent business practices. They misled about the delivery time. We canceled our order when we learned the delivery would be 8 weeks, from 3 weeks. They charged our card AFTER the order was canceled and they still owe us money 2 months later. It looks like we're not going to get it back. Buyer beware. Customer support was inept and unaccommodating. Melissa Baraf, a customer support person, would read from a script instead of listening to our requests. The script had nothing to do with what we were asking. She spoke over us and it became very clear she had no desire to hear or help.

Jul 29, 2020

WOW! I just found out after purchase my order would be 8 weeks:(. They told me due to COVID-19. But your order was before 2/19. That's interesting. Could the product be coming from China causing the delay?

Dec 14, 2018

Coleman Furniture - dining set

December 3, 2018 order #498752-1 I made a order from this company on November 3 with a statement from them that I would have the order in 2 weeks, before Thanksgiving. I was sent a email saying that...

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Coleman Furniture - magnolia kitchen island

I have been trying to work with your company since we received our second Magnolia kitchen island. The first one that arrived, the granite corner was completely broken. You came back 6-8 weeks later...

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Nov 17, 2017

Coleman Furniture - Never buying from them again

I don't recommend ordering from this company unless you love to wait forever. I ordered a Personalized Oversized Solid Light Pink Bean Bag Chair with my daughter's name on it in August! Now it's the17th of November and I wonder where the bad chair can be. Customer service is a bunch of [censored]s who never know anything, they are absolutely useless, so I am on my own with my issue.
Looks like I will never receive what I ordered :(

Aug 22, 2016

Coleman Furniture - Non delivery

I have ordered my bedroom set back in March and it is now late August and I'm still waiting for my order! No matter how many times I've contacted these guys from Coleman Furniture I get nothing but empty promises. They keep claiming I'll get my order any time soon but 6 months already passed and there is no sign of my order and I doubt that I'll ever get it! Terrible store!
I tried to get a refund but they said that they don't do refunds and asked me to be more patient. 6 months is too much! I don't want to wait any longer but these guys don't let me cancel my order!

Jul 29, 2020

Order #(6029960) I'm having the same issue. It's time for regulators to assist the consumers!

Dec 14, 2018

This sounds like a similar complaint. How are they allow to stay in business. People should start a class action suit against them.

Dec 30, 2015

Coleman Furniture - Better choose another company

I ordered some things from this company, but they never delivered my furniture! They even couldn't sent me a message about the delivery date. After a month they sent me an email with the date and warned me that if I couldn't take it they would cancel my order. After several calls and messages there was no responses and no solution. In the end they cancelled my order and charged $500 from my credit card for something that never made it to my home! Better choose another company because this one is horrible and they are real scammers!

Aug 28, 2015

Coleman Furniture - I cancelled the order, but seller continued to call me

I have ordered sofa from, because it was sale and the price was very attractive. I placed the order and paid about $700 for the delivery as well. However, the seller didn’t deliver sofa on time. He found many excuses and promises, but I stopped to trust them. After 4 weeks I cancelled the order and asked to provide refund. But they continued to call me and sent emails with the sale items. It was very annoying.

Jun 24, 2015

Coleman Furniture - they didn't agree with the manager from the shop

We purchased the piece of furniture from At the beginning, the customer services were great and they even promised to provide the order to local store. But after 2 weeks they suddenly refused and no one explained why. Also we came to the local store, and the manager told us that they haven’t heard about this deal at all. They deceived us and we have no idea how to get money back.

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