Coldwell Bankersalty sands unit 208

E Sep 10, 2018

We have been going through Coldwell Banker since 2015 when staying in Ocean City. This year we had major issues with our unit including a bedbug infestation. Coldwell requires us to leave the unit immediately and all of our bedding inside. We spent HOURS at the laundry mat doing with pest control Allstate required us to do. The pest control company told us Coldwell Banker would be putting us up in a new unit and would be reimbursed for everything we had to replace and spent as long as we kept receipts. It took the pest control company 8 hours to show up. But that doesn't surprise me considering we called another time during the same trip to have a maintenance man show up and it took him 8 hours to get there as well. They threw us out of the condo and told us we were on our own we could either pay for a hotel out of pocket or get in the car during a major storm and drive 7 hours with 3 kids under the age of 7 we told them we were not comfortable doing that and they said it wasn't their problem. After renting with Coldwell Banker multiple weeks over the last three years I have never been so Furious as to how they treat their paying customers. They don't care what happens to you or the unit because they already have their money in full before you check in...
The cabinet door was completely broken off the kitchen, barely any kitchen supplies, tub drain doesn't work in either of the bathrooms, toilet runs nonstop, filth and junk under the bed in master bedroom,
Couch was filthy dirty, carpets were filthy, issues with tv in living room, tv in master bedroom didn't work...
I am beyond disgusted

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