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B Aug 09, 2019

Good morning,

This morning I took Coach Bus 77X from Livingston, New Jersey to New York since NJ Transit train has a delay up to 60 minutes. After I paid cash of $10, I checked my email right away from NJ transit saying private carrier will cross honor the train ticket.

I informed the drive of 77X coach bus when I left the bus and asked for refund of $10. The driver said he didn't get any notice. I said, could you please call your supervisor. He was very rude and impatient. He said, no, I need to run the bus an I am not going to call anybody to find out. I asked for bus number and his name. He said I am not going to tell you my name. Then I took picture of the bus and driver. It has the bus number and this driver's face.

I am wondering the situation like today, what is the process Coach company informs the drive to avoid the overcharge? Thank you. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

coach bus 77x
coach bus 77x

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