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Good Day,

I'm very unhappy about the service I received from the pharmacist today who assisted in the prescription section! I went to Clicks at 13h50pm and waited in the queu like all the other clients. I have a prescription which my neurologist normally sent to me via e-mail as he is at Kloof Hospital in PRETORIA and i'm in Randburg. When I got to the counter I asked the pharmacist that I need ONLY Adco Dapax which is a normal waterpill. I did explain to him that I get my prescription from Dischem but at the time when my husband collected my prescription he did not get the waterpill as I still had a few left. The pharmacist said he can't help me and that he can't accept my prescription if my neurologist did not mail it to him!!! I showed him that the mail was sent from Kloof hospital and then he said he does not know me or my doctor and that I must go to Dischem. He treaded me as if I want to get the prescription double! Everything goes through my medical aid Discovery. I did not ask for the full prescription and did not lie... He said that he can't pick my details up nor my husbands details and did not even bother to add them onto clicks system. He said looks like my clicks card is a duplicate, and mentioned two other peoples names. Not sure how I get my points if the card does not belong to us! He walked away and ignored me... I stay in Malanshof and Dischem closes at 2pm. I won't make it in time hence the reason I went to Clicks. Normally I spent a R1000 plus per month at Clicks but I will not buy from any Clicks again due to this service received.

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