Clayton Homesthe whole process.

M Sep 01, 2018

We picked out model of a home from Shallotte NC Clayton Homes. Feb. 2018 placed a 10, 000.00 deposit for the home with some extras. April home came into Shallotte NC Clayton Homes. I had already purchased a lot in a near by location. I had to pay for home in full before they would set it on lot which I was a little leery I wanted to hold out a 10% retainer fee to ensure things were done right they said that was not policy. So bad decision on my part I paid the total remaining amount. The writing was on the wall if I only knew. The day I paid in full I asked for a key so I could monitor the process Clayton told me they only have two keys for subs to use but the door will be open from 7 am closing and locking doors around 6pm. I live about 3hrs away so I would come down on Saturdays. The doors were locked finally after 4 dives down I called Clayton of Shallotte and they told me I couldn't go into home because of liability reasons. I reminded them that is not what they told me seems they could care less. Back in Jan. 2018 I sent Judy a drawing how I wanted home set and driveway so they had the drawing upfront before final figure. During site survey phase they tried to set home where Clayton and surveyor thought it should be set at. After 3 or 4 trips back finally got what I wanted after doing it myself. There are so many hidden fees they don't mention until time. These hidden fee were water hookup, power meter hookup, Building permits. They had my money so they could careless at this point in the game refund was not option so pay for all the hidden fees. Judy sent me a txt which I don't think it was intended for me a contractor in the txt he was requesting the contractor raise their price because she needs more money out of me. Now we are 3 month over from when we was suppose to be in home. Person installing driveway say they cannot install driveway for the amount Clayton set aside even though I sent driveway drawing month prior. Clayton now say I need to pick up the difference or go out and find someone that can put it in with the amount Clayton estimated it for. My response way that is not my job. We are at a stand off pay extra "AGAIN" or hire legal services to resolve the issue. They were constantly loosing documents that was suppose to be turned into different places. I would call and they would ask if I could resend or they submitted the paper work which they hadn't. I know many documents I sent to Malcom and Judy 4 -6 times. When you purchase a life dream you don't think you need to make daily notes you just want to enjoy the experience, big mistake. I think this place is corrupt after that txt that was mistakenly sent to me.

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