Clayton Homesrepeated water line breakage

A Aug 11, 2018

copy of email sent to clayton homes in Bossier City, LA

I contacted Clayton Homes Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018, to notify you of my yard being flooded from my water line breaking yet again. When I didn't hear from you that day, I contacted you again on Thursday and was told that the manager had been notified and you were looking for a plumber to repair it. Today is Saturday, Aug 11, and I still have not received and answer, or a call back on the status of my repair. Meanwhile, my 2 options, are to be without water in my home, or let it continuously run from the break in the pipe. My water line has broken at least 13 times in the last year. I have paid more than double in costs of water bills, (all for wasted water, more than $1100.) I have shut my water off many of these times, while waiting for your repair people to show, only to be in my home with no water for more than a day. Obviously, this is not an emergency for you, but I don't like not being able to enjoy luxuries in my home, such as, washing clothes, showering, cooking, drinking water, washing dishes, flushing toilets, etc. I have come into your office before, while waiting for more than 3 days for repair of water line, and was told that I could shower at my sisters house next door while I waited. That is the most unacceptable answer to my problem that could have ever been given. This is definitely not what I would have expected when I purchased my home. I purchased a warranty so that I would be covered for mishaps. This has gone far beyond mishap. After the 3rd or 4th time my water line broke, I knew that there was a significant issue with the construction of it. Every time there has been a repair, it is only been a patch job. The real issue has not been investigated or repaired. I have been patient throughout this year while waiting on repairs. It took a year to get screens on 2 of my windows (right size, wrong color), have my tub repaired, which was broken by your contractor, and one single shower tile that needed replacing because of cracking. When notified of a needed repair, I should not have to call continuously, asking about when someone will come to repair it, but apparently, from previous times, that is what I have to do. This is still not the only repair needed to my home, but it is by far, the most important at this moment. I am still waiting on a repair date, before I have wasted hundreds of gallons of water. If we can not rectify this issue, I will have no choice but to involve a 3rd party.

repeated water line breakage
repeated water line breakage
repeated water line breakage

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