Clayton Homesnon refund of good faith payment

M Aug 13, 2018

In 2016 we applied for a loan through Clayton Homes with many of their lenders that they use. For a modular style home. It was in Marion Ohio. Our contact person was Lori. We had bank statements with proof of a 20k deposit and 3 acres, possibly 5 if needed, of free and clear land. Our credit score was low but they assured us that it would make sense to pay a $500 payment to Clayton Homes as a sign of good faith on our part. So we did and received our receipt of said $500 payment. In the end we were told no creditors would lend to us. Probably due to our credit score. We accepted that. And we decided to work on our score. We asked for our $500 back and were told by Lori to let them hold it and if we decided in the future to go back and try again it would be there. At this time we told her it could take a year or two. She said not a problem. The money would always be there and held in account for us.
Forward till now and this year I was diagnosed with cancer at age 43. We decided we needed to go another route and buy a home that has recently become available on the same street as our family land and property. It is pertinent to get our affairs in order before something should happen to me. So we got our receipt from Clayton Homes out of the safe and decided it was time to get our money back.
I contacted the Marion Ohio office by phone 3 times and spoke with John. John assured me he would have someone get back with us by phone. 2 weeks passed and nobody contacted us. So I went into the office and was sent to an office where Laurie came in. She assured me that fed ex delivers on Fridays from the main office and our check would be there on Fri Aug 3rd 2018. I explained we would be out of town and I would be in on Monday Aug 6th to pick it up. She said great. I went into the office that Monday and was advised to talk to Sean the general manager. It was the most uncomfortable and demeaning conversation I could ever had imagined. He stated basically how dare we try to get our $500 back after all this time had passed and that that account that those funds are held in may not even exist anymore. He said his sale associate should never have told us it would be there this long. But then I got the next promise. That it would be returned the next Friday, once again when their Fed Ex shipments come in. So I waited again. I was to call him that fri morning and arrange to pick up our check. I was assured this was his priority. I called and once again got the run around and was told to call back in 20 minutes. I did and was now given to someone named Janet to whom I was told I should now deal with. Janet assured me she would be contacting me Monday morning Aug 13th, which is today, and I have yet to receive any such phone call. We want OUR money asap. It is ours. It does not matter why we want it or how your system works. It is OUR MONEY. Period. It has been a month or more of this and my husband and I have had enough. I have the original receipt. My husband was on speaker phone all times I went into Clayton Homes and tried to resolve this and he heard and participated in all conversations had pertaining to this. Our next step is to call 6 on your Side out of Columbus and also channel 10 news for a story if this is not resolved asap. This is a horrible way to conduct business and Clayton Homes of Marion should be ashamed of themselves. We are demanding some answers.

non refund of good faith payment

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