Clairoldemi permanent colour grows out and not washes out as advertised

L Jul 11, 2019

I always use your product, the permanent one though, but the last year I tried to grow out my natural hair colour - which is salt en pepper now.
So being bored with the colour I decided to use the Nice and easy- below product.

It has been now a month and a week and the colour is now growing out? I did use a too dark colour, but I was not worried, because out of experience I know that it does not last long and soon I will have my colour back,
It clearly states on your product it last for 24 days? Now I am back to square 1, previously when I used the demi permanent 1 after 2 weeks it has faded already.

After everything that I went through to get my natural colour back - I used a product of yours that is clearly packed in the wrong package!

Please respond to this ASAP with a solution

Thank you
Liezel Westraad

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