Citi Trendslayaway plan

I went to you store in buffalo new York on Walden ave. I gave the representative my layaway slip and she then asked my name and phone number at the store. I was paying with my debit card and she didn't ask the other people to wait until they were called. Two strangers were standing on both side of my and the cashier asked me to enter my pin # I told her know. I work for a bank and would not enter my pin with strangers standing around me. I asked for a manager he came up to help her find my Layaway and then walked a way. I had to ask her to contact him a second time and then asked for the corporate phone number. The manager explained I had a lot of layaways in the system. They were all old except the one I was paying on he said well I need to delete them handed me a card with your corporate information on it and walk a way again. I will be buying my grand children's clothes from somewhere else from now on. Thanks for having horrible customer service in your store

Apr 29, 2019

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