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Cirro Energy / U.S. Retailers - This company does not honor contracts

I renewed my contract with Kinetic Energy on 1/25/12 and have e-mail confirmation. On 2/10/12, billing was moved to Cirro energy. I have an e-mail from Kinetic dated 1/5/12 saying that the change was going to happen but that I did not need to do anything because my contract would remain in place.
On 6/14/12 I went online to change my form of payment and there was a note that said my contract had expired. I called Cirro and spoke to Jessica who had terrible customer service skills and basically just kept repeating that it was not their fault because Kinetic had given them the wrong information. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and she said that they would tell me the same thing. I insisted on speaking to someone and she put me on hold for a very long time only to come back on and say there was nobody I could talk to and she would send them a message to call me but they had 24-48 hours to call me back, but no one ever called me.
I also have confirmation that I was on average billing with Kinetic but she said they had no record of that, so my bill is $70.00 higher than what I pay every month. I was a Kinetic customer for 3 years and got nothing but wonderful service from their customer service department the few times I did have to call.
This customer service was unbelievably awful! I am a Customer Service Manager and it is just unbelievable the people can act this way towards their customer! I did not ask for Kinetic to move to Cirro and had I known they had such terrible service and would not honor my contract, I never would have renewed with Kinetic, but I have the e-mail saying that I did not need to do anything as my contract would remain the same.
They are crooks!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, US
Sep 10, 2018 12:57 am EDT

The Houston Chronicle (in it’s Energy section) quoted Cirro’s spokeswoman Pat Hammond in the article “Cirro Energy acquires customers from two Electricity competitors” i.e. Pioneer Energy and Stat Energy on August 1st, 2018 as stating that all of those acquired customer’s former contracts will be honored. Pat Hammond was making false statements to the press and misrepresenting this company’s actual intentions for at least some of their acquired customers (most likely those with contracts Cirro does not want to honor due to low rate plans and no service fees) and with THOSE select unfortunates, Cirro has a long standing history going back to 2011 and possibly earlier, of telling those customers that the former company failed to send the correct paperwork & have then found themselves enrolled by Cirro into plans with high rates without these customers consent or knowledge! In my case, I have a great contract with Pioneer Energy at .0834 cents per kWh and no service fees and no fees associated with usage amounts, and during transfer Cirro sent me an email stating I was enrolled in their “Smart” Simple Plan which turns out to be a 3 year contract at about 13 cents per kWh. I never signed up for this and I have all the relevant contract paperwork from Pioneer Energy that I sent by email to Cirro and Pioneer Energy also assured me repeatedly that they had also sent my correct contract details to Cirro, yet it is over three weeks since Cirro took over my service and Cirro STILL has me down for the plan THEY signed me up for. I have requested repeatedly for my correct contract to be sent to me in writing so I can set up my online account and auto bill pay, but they have only demonstrated obstructive behaviors in response. I also requested the date my first bill would be due & they told me to call CenterPoint Energy and refused to answer my question! Have filed complaints with Texas PUC, Texas Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and highly recommend anyone else experiencing this from Cirro or NRG it’s parent company or it’s subsidiaries Reliant, Green Mountain, or Pennywise to also register their complaints as only with multiple entries is it taken seriously and action taken.

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