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I won a free elk hunt on their website in march 2010. They advertised it as a "guided elk lodge hunt". I gave the hunt to my husband and the owner told us for 500 dollars I could come along and hang out in the lodge. They listed the emenities as satellite tv, comfortable modern lodge and home cooked meals. When we arrived, the modern, comfortable lodge with the satellite tv was their house with their kids and where we stayed (The last week of october in montana) was an unheated bunkhouse with a couple of spaceheaters (One of which didnt work) , a tv that didnt get any channels, some scratched dvd movies laying around and a couch with the springs sticking up through it. But, hands down, the worst part of the whole trip was the condition of the bunkhouse. We arrived to find it filthy. There was mold on the bottom of the shower curtain, no toilet paper, overflowing trash cans, the guides' personal toiletries, clothing and food laying around. The toilet and kitchen sink were disgusting, I spent 30 minutes cleaning the coffee machine, and the place was filled with flies. I sprayed hundreds of them for the 41/2 days we were there. When we asked where a store was that had cleaning products we were told to go to town and have a beer and someone would clean it. We came back and recleaned it with products we bought ourselves.
The house was off-limits except for meals. By the middle of the week we were not even being notified when dinner was ready and my husband got a sandwich and a granola bar and a bottle of water for lunch. We left a day early we were so fed up. I had to drive 17 miles one way to a store that had a video rental (Redbox) because nobody in darby would rent a movie to anyone who didnt have a darby address... Even with a credit card. I would not recommend this place to anyone. We drove across the country from michigan and paid 900 dollars for a license and 500 additional charge for crappy accomodations and food and service. The only thing that made the week bearable was the guide mike. He was awesome and even though my husband didnt get an elk he had alot of fun and exercise with the guide. Mike even recommended a great restaurant for our last night... Cause we knew we were not welcome at the "lodge". I cant believe that this guy is still in business. He bullied us about our political views and had us walking through horse ### to get to the bunkhouse. I even had a guide walk in on me just after I had gotten out of the shower with his dog "to get his shaving stuff". Give me as break! With all the outfitters in this area... Pick someone else. Funny... After we left they changed their website a bit. Still is a bunch of bull though.


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Jul 02, 2008 1:19 pm EDT

On May 19, 2008 I left a package at the Greyhound Valley Retriever in Newport OR. It left with Insurance to Indianapolis Indiana and arrived as I received two phone calls on this matter that it did arrive. My buyer filed complaint that it was not there. I went to where it was sent from and he called Indianapolis # from above information. He told me that the package was signed for and picked up.

When I called myself June 26, 08 to ask for a copy for my claim against me I was rudely cut off when I asked to talk to the manager. She claimed that the confirmation # did not exist with greyhound. Mr. Picot who did attempt to retrieve his package was told the first time the same story about the # as I had the copy and he only had the number I gave him. The second time he returned he was told the package was returned. It has never arrived. When I called it was back to the number was no good.

On July 2, 08 I called to talk to Tina Archer; Supervisor and again I was spoken to rudely by" Sylvia" as she took my number and hung up again without letting me talk to her...

I am at my ends with and if you cannot help in this matter please direct me where to complain and get my insurance money of 200.00. I will have to swallow the shipping costs but someone has that chair and with no questions asked I would like it returned ASAP.

I am almost certain that someone does know about this missing package there in Indianapolis and does not want to cope to it. I have requested assistance from paypal on this matter and do not plan to drop this till the chair is found.

Patti Hensel

Jul 20, 2014 9:08 pm EDT
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Went on an awesome hunt with these guys. This lady should have stayed home in the kitchen where she obviously belongs. Perhaps a spa day with the $500.


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