Circle Kterri cashier

B Nov 06, 2018

My daughter has had been in the Circle K going on the second time this morning when she proceeded to go into the store to the restroom she got to the girls door the lady scream from behind the counter across the store with multiple customers inside the store at my daughter that she was in the wrong bathroom . my daughter proceeded to turn around and tell her no she was a woman in the rights bathroom proceeded to go in Finish using the bathroom when she came out the lady proceeded to harass her and tell her she was in the wrong bathroom Lily told her it wasn't in her job description to tell her what bathroom she was supposed to be in. Terri said yes it is to get out of her store and to never return . And at this point of course you can understand lily was very upset and hurt so she screamed at her [censored] you . Because this was the second time Lily was in there this morning to use the bathroom she could have spoken to her the first time she came out an was infront of her at the cash register privately by herself but she didn't she called her the second time and for the whole entire store embarrassing her and bringing attention to her really bad Lily was born a woman and when Lily got out to the car and was in tears and explain to me what happened I went back inside to talk to Terry about it and she was extremely rude to me and refuse to apologize to Lily said she didn't want to take care of it right now Terry was dead wrong can you please call me at [protected] thank you

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