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I have been working at Circle K for roughly a month and a week. I was hired on thinking that this position would enjoyable and to get away from a drama free workplace but it has only continued. On October 7th around 8:00 PM, I made a call to my manager to let her know I would not be able to come in due to an ankle sprain. This was excused however, it was brought to my attention that someone complained to her that I, the employee let someone steal cigarettes from behind the counter. I quickly explained to her that this is something I would NEVER allow at a company I work for or period. The week proceeded without talk about it. On October 12th 2017, I asked about a store transfer mainly because of transportation. I was told that very morning that I was under investigation for supposedly letting someone steal. Now supposedly the cameras were "down" that night of the "complaint". I was told that when my manager recieved videos from corporate, she would make her choice on whether to terminate me. Now I have yet to see those videos and it is almost November 2017. Somehow I got the okay to transfer stores. I don't sit too well with knowing that my manager would believe a customer over her own employee and then go as far as speaking about it with other employees (more than one) behind my back about a false accusation. I have been told by numerous customers and former workers that someone is always being accused of stealing from the store. Not to mention, I am the only female employee that works overnights at the busiest Circle K in town, if something were to get stolen and it was busy, I would not know about it. It has been brought to my attention NUMEROUS times by customers that is it very unsafe for me to work overnights by myself and I have yet to recieve help. There is always a group of homeless people outside not making it any safer and the outside camera does not work. I handled a fight in the parking lot about my second week as an employee and the guys who beat up on the women got away because there was no evidence! When it was brought to my managers attention, it was brushed off and the only topic of discussion was the false accusation about me letting someone steal. I am hoping to let me truth be known to corporate as it was never addressed after I was accused. Multiple employees have also secretly been accused of stealing. My only advice is to be very careful about what you say or when you say it because you never know when someone is watching or listening. It's very poor and unfair to get this kind of treatment.. especially when employees make the company! I am hoping to get my transfer sooner than later.

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