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Cingular WirelessI hate cingular wireless!

Ok, this is what happened...

My husband and I signed up with cingular and we agreed that 1000 minutes would be more than enough. We were previously with Sprint and had 8oo minutes with them. We never in all 3 years with Sprint went over those 800 minutes. However, with Cingular, we were charged over $400 for the first month! They claimed that we had gone 1700 minutes OVER the 1000 minutes!
We examined the bill and found some very interesting things.

1. We were charged double minutes every time we switched towers, which happened at least 30 times a day.
2. The bill said that we had called our own cell phone from our own cell phone (no, not for voicemail) and talked to ourselves for hours!
3. Every time I called to ask about these outrageous accusations, I was hung up on.

I firmly believe that they tried to take advantage of us because we are younger. The collection agency they use (and I still have the message on my voicemail) uses extreme profanity and I am planning on playing the message for our local news station.

I HATE CINGULAR WIRELESS! I have all documentation!


  • First of all, Bob Serrell..You have too much time on your hands to be complaining about other people’s complaints...yeah...I saw you complaining on Costco too...go do something useful…

    Second, Cingular sucks and it is not because of your age...they just suck...obviously, or so many people would'nt be complaining...

    Third, Bob...come do not sound as intellectual as you think. “You took advantage of yourselves”? That doesn’t even make sense…
    You must work for Cingular because you sound as stupid as they do…

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  • Bo
    BobSerrell Feb 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They didn't take advantage of you because you were young. You took advantage of yourselves because you were stupid. Please don't waste people's time by posting illegitmate complaints. Your comments prove you are in the wrong. You would be able to see through that if you were capable of logic.

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  • Ma
    Marla Boxell Jul 24, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cingular wireless aka the new at&t are the worst people to deal with. They do not care about their customers at all whatsoever. When you initially sign up with them, they will do anything to snare you, but buyer beware, after that they do not care at all about their service, about the way you are treated when you go into their service stores (be prepared to wait an hour to be served) i was a customer for over 4 years and when i asked them to upgrade my phone, they showed me a phone with a sign on it that stated $129.00 and told me that for me it was 179.00 because the 129.00 price was only for new customers!!! In other words crap on you if you have been a loyal customer for 4 years, paying on time every single month. My contract is out in December of 2007 and i am leaving never to return... i wrote them a customer email and they never bothered to respond, they do not care!!! Do not get snared. I have rental property in town and when new people come to town and rent property from me i tell them stay away from cingular!!! I think i am going to have a sign made that says that and post it in my yard on sayles blvd...

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  • Kr
    Kristi Broyles May 09, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I upgraded to a family plan with Cingular Wireless on the phone and bought 3 new phones that came with a $50 rebate each. When I received the phone the rebate forms were not included and I have called 3-4 times to get them and this last time I called they told me that there wasn't a rebate form for the LG CG225 which I purchased in March. I saw the rebate when I was talking to sales! Two different people said the forms were in the mail. In April they stopped the promotion and can't get me the forms. I'm out $150 and very disappointed. I am a long time customer and they even went to the extent to tell me that they didn't see a charge of $49.99 per phone on their records and I had the bill right in front of me! Any advise? All the girl could say was I'm very sorry and I heard several other people in the background of the conversation telling other customers the same thing! It's like they are robots and not people...

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  • Da
    David Dawley Apr 03, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called Cingular Wireless from Cambridge, MA to follow up a previous issue for my Blackberry 8800. After pushing through the usual initial layers of selections, I was put on hold for 15 minutes after telling a representative that I have a case number from Research In Motion (RIM) that had been escalated through Cingular. I hung up and was called back immediately to say that the representative would now connect me to data support. A woman at data support told me she needed to know the issue in detail before transferring me to the technical department. I said she was putting me through layers of bureaucracy in a process that couldn’t solve the problem initially and had escalated me to RIM. She seemed to get the message; I gave her the RIM case number, she put me on hold and left me there. I hung up. Seems to me Cingular customer service is going the way of Dell. Love the Blackberry, not the service.

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  • Ja
    Janice R Moore Mar 28, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Sub: Bogus Contract End Date!

    Although I know this should have been ‘handled’ somewhere in one of the local offices, it was not. I phoned this morning to address this discrepancy without success; I spoke with a Rep (Raven), who then put me on hold for a very long time. I hung up; I don’t have the time to be passed from one person to another.

    The issue at hand is whether my commitment ends this month, March, or as the Rep said, “May”. My documented commitment states that two years from March 2005, my two years are fulfilled with Cingular.

    I think I know what went awry that caused the dates to conflict. Initially I was contacted by one of your salesmen during a cold calling session. I spoke with him and after several phone calls and lots of questions, I told this person, “John” that I would sign on with Cingular. I waited and waited for the phones to arrive; they did not come? I phoned “John” several more times trying to find out where the two new phones were, and/or why they had not arrived here. I left about ten messages on his office phone with none of my calls to him being returned to me?!

    At this point I was getting grumpy about this entire situation. He made a hit, signed me on, and then disappeared!! In frustration, I called again, and ask just for a ‘salesperson’. I have no name for the second salesman, but told him the story about “John” and the missing phones. He picked up the ball and endeavored to put things back together. My thought is that it took the second salesman TWO MONTHS to accomplish the connection.

    That brings us up-to-date regarding the reason for writing this complaint letter. I decided to change my service to Verizon. I only need one phone now, and only need the basic plan for my husband and myself. I have committed myself to Verizon effective this month. I phoned Cingular this morning to make sure that I took MY number with me; the Rep said she had nothing in the file regarding that, AND I see Verizon has assigned another number, NOT the one I wanted, and had with Cingular.

    (My guess is that they contacted Cingular and they told Verizon that my contract was not up until May, and Verizon assigned me another number to get the service with them going.)

    I am very angry that I could not speak with an authoritative figure on the phone and very frustrated that I have to go to these lengths to prove that my contact----as shown on the attached copies from the booklets, commenced in March, not May!

    I had a legal contract with Cingular as of March 24, 2005. It doesn’t matter that the phones were not activated until May. It was Cingular’s responsibility to get the phones to me in March, NOT May. Because your salespeople did not do their job, I have an issue that I have to clear with you, taking unnecessary time and trouble to conclude. (Both your time and my time.)

    Attached you will find copies from the booklets showing the dates being March 2005 – when my contract/commitment began with Cingular! A contract is a contract.

    I expect Cingular to cancel my service effect the two years from March, asap, and as well, I expect Cingular to ‘fix’ the problem with my new number by corresponding with Verizon to change the number they have already assigned, TO MY NUMBER with Cingular, [protected]! The second phone line, [protected] is also to be cancelled (that was my son’s line and he is on a different contract with his galpal).

    Therefore, both lines and the ENTIRE ACCOUNT IS TO BE CANCELED AT THE SAME TIME.

    As you are the CEO, I know this is not your job to fix, but it is the ONLY way that I will get real help with this issue. I hope to hear from you very soon, advising that the above has been done, and the account has been closed effective March and NOT May.

    PSS to this Complaint: After 'a person from the President's Office' called and STILL refuted my claim about the end date of my contract - AFTER SEEING THE CONTRACT I HAD! Incredible, such a little thing to Cingular! AND, THE NEXT THING HE DUMPED ON ME WAS: Back in the Fall of last year, my son's phone died on him, mind you, this is Cingular's equipment~! and he had to purchase another phone~ He came home w/a piece of paper typed up from the phone store just saying that I gave my permission for him to use the existing telephone number - and I signed it. (If I hadn't, they would not have transferred the number I was paying for.) This 'person from the President's Office told me that act automatically added time to the contract!!! THAT IS INSANE!!! I SIGNED NOTHING WHEREIN I AGREED TO LENGTHEN THE CONTRACT! NOR DID THE SALES PEOPLE WHO SOLD THE PHONE TO MY SON, TELL HIM THAT THE PURCHASE OF THE PHONE, ETC. WOULD EXTENT THE CONTRACT??!! WHERE HAS ALL THE HONESTY AND SERVICE GONE IN THIS WORLD???!!!

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  • Ch
    Char Scott Feb 22, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called Cingular to change my monthly billing from the $59.00 to the $39.00 plan since I never use all my minutes and had over 1200 rollover minutes stored up. I was informed that I would lose all but 400 of my rollover minutes because of a new rule that went into effect October, 2006. I was planning to have the rollover minutes augment my new $39.00 plan. I was told by the sales person at Cingular when I signed up for their service that I could change to a lower monthly rate after I had saved enough rollover minutes. This is clearly a case of false advertising and the new rules should apply to customers who sign on after the new rules take affect and not to those who signed on prior to these new rules. How can we take these criminals to task. Why does the FCC allow these companies to get away with this type of fraud.

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  • Valerie Feb 05, 2007


    I have been a Cingular wireless customer for many years.

    My phone was recently damaged, and I went to my local Cingular Wireless Store to get a new phone. After having to wait thirty minutes, the representative brought up my information and told me my contract was up, which made me eligible for an upgrade. My eligibility included the following: Paying an $18.00 fee to sign a two year contract which would guarantee Cingular Wireless $2,400.00 to $3,000.00 out of my pocket for the next two years. This figure is based on my monthly plan which is about $110.00 to $125.00 a month times twelve months. I would also get to pay $99.00 for a phone that was compatible to mine because due to their "NEW TECHNOLOGY" my phone which I am very happy with is obsolete. I did not want a top of the line phone for free, just a similar phone to mine, which does not have all the bells and whistles as all the new phones do. They pretty much offered me the same deal as anyone else just signing on to Cingular would receive. What happened to loyalty to customers, or wanting to keep current customers happy. Little does Cingular know I have 12 phones through their company for my Business account with 2 weeks left on my contract. I am currently talking with Sprint where they will appreciate my personal and Business account. My $3,000.00 for two years will be peanuts, compared to the $4,000.00 ($2,000.00 Per Year, Per Phone Times two) which will be $48,000. Cingular must be doing real well! So well that they care less about giving a loyal customer a $99.00 phone which is now going to cost them $51,000.

    Thank You Cingular for your years of Service!

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  • Valerie Feb 02, 2007

    On October 27th is the day I sent my rebate off to Cingular, keep in mind that was the day after I got the phone. I keep a good eye on it through the internet.

    The rebate had at least 6 steps it had to go through before even getting approved. On Dec 13, 2006 the online rebate department said my rebate had been mailed on Dec 8, 2006. On Dec 29,2006 I started emailing cingular to find out when I was going to receive the rebate. Cingular has changed at least 5 times their story on when the rebate was sent and that after mailing rebate it could take up to 4 or 6 weeks to get to me. As of January 16 Cingular sent me an email telling me that the rebate had been mailed on January 8,2007 and that it would be here in 7 to 10 business days. As of January 29, 2007 I still had not received the rebate and the time or day limit on that 14 days not counting the holiday we had and weekends. I have now started emailing them everyday. As of January 31 I emailed them again and there response after taking 3 days to reply to my emails they have now just referred me to the 800 number which you can't speak to a live person but the response on the phone was the rebate was mailed Dec 8, 2006. So, I ask "what date?" I believe Cingular does not know and I am starting to believe it does not exist. I have also called numerous times to Cingular all i get is the run around. As of Feb 1, 2007 i still don't have my rebate in which I am entitled to. I came to Cingular from another Cell Phone company thinking I would get better service and I was forewarned about Cingular as a company when it comes to your billing. Cingular is the only Company in which I can get coverage so it is important to me to stay with Cingular but I am having second thoughts about it. I really think that I might take legal action on this.

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  • Valerie Jan 16, 2007

    One evening, on November 9, 2006, I called Cingular to inquire about not being able to conference it with another call. The polite rep told me there's nothing wrong with the phone, nor my cell phone plan, which includes conference calling.

    Eventually, he was able to convince me that I can upgrade my phone for free and without a change to my existing plan as long as I sign up for another 2 years of service. I'd like to hold on to my plan because it's an old plan (circa 2001/2002) that includes 300 peak minutes, 3000 off peak minutes + 300 text messaging ALL for $29.99/month. I've always been renewing to a 2-year contract without a change in my plan in the past as a way to upgrade my phone. I picked the new Samsung A707.

    On November 15th, I got the A707 and noticed that the battery cover at the back of the unit is not secure enough when in place. So the following day, November 16th, I went to the Cingular store in San Carlos to exchange the A707 with the Motorola V3 + a case/cover for an even exchange. Two weeks later, on Nov 30, 2006, I had to return the v3 again because of voice reception problems (covered within 30 days of purchase), in exchange for an LG CU500.

    Recently, I have noticed that my bill shows charges for text messaging.

    When I called Cingular to complain about the charges, the rep told me that my plan was changed without my knowledge when I purchased the LG CU500. This change caused for the 300-text messaging to disappear, making me pay for the text messages at $0.10 per message domestic and $0.20 per message on international messages. I asked them to put it back on my plan and they said this plan or feature is already expired and they can no longer give me the text 300 messages feature in my plan.

    I called again today and representative supervisor Douglas Bevard confirmed that they can no longer add back the text messaging feature to my old plan even if the change was caused by Cingular.

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  • Valerie Dec 20, 2006

    I bought a Cingular Wireless BlackBerry in Hawaii before I moved to New Mexico. The salesman told me, "no problem, if it does not work you can cancel service and will not have to pay the contract cancellation fee."

    After I moved, the phone did not work so I bought a new phone that allows an added external antenna. The salesman told me, "The unlimited text messaging is included in your $49 PDA plan."

    Of course, when I figured out that they were billing me an extra $20 per month for the text messaging, they replied, "No, it is not included and you must pay the extra $20 per month; we are sorry for any misinformation."

    The new phone does not work at my new home, even with the added antenna. The phone is useless to me because there is no coverage at my new home. So I called to cancel service,

    Now they tell me, "No, you must pay the $175 contract cancelation fee; we are sorry for any misinformation."

    Cingular LIES. Do not trust them. Do not buy a phone from Cingular.

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  • St
    Steve Myers Dec 06, 2006

    My phone got broken and I even have insurance and I have been paying them for a year. I was told that because I have changed a phone that has a manufacturing defect, I was told that they cant do any thing about it. I am just waiting until my contract ends. It is the worst company to deal with.

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  • Da
    dani Dec 06, 2006

    I am having the worst signal connection with this company. After I signed contract they told me that I can't change my service. I have never seen a worst company in my whole live.

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  • Valerie Dec 04, 2006

    I am or was an AT&T Wireless customer before being aquired by Cingular. However, as such, I existed in a 'special' status w/Cingular not being able to take advantage of the services that they offer to their 'real' customers. Since my AT&T-based phones would not be able to make the migration and deals on phones were not available to current customers, I decided to switch carriers. Or so I thought, I continued to be billed $14.72 a month. When I called to complain about this, I was told that I hadn't cancelled both my numbers and that one of them was still active. I told the rep that the phone service had not been used in 7 months she said I had to call in to cancel the service. Then I asked her what the wireless plan for $14.72 per month included because I might be interested at that price, she laughed and said that the charge was just to hold the number in question not for any service. I was then told I would have to pay $103+ to cancel my account or they would continue charging me $14.72 a month and that it would then go to collections. So I knuckled under to their blackmail and paid to save my credit report.

    I had great service from AT&T, it is obvious Cingular could care less about customer retention and saw the merger as an opportunity to squeeze more money out of former AT&T customers.

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  • Valerie Nov 27, 2006

    I recently decided to upgrade my cell phone and cell phone plan to Cingular Wireless a few months ago. My original wireless carrier was AT&T. Even when Cingular acquired AT&T I still was consider an AT&T customer.

    Unfortunately, after upgrading my wireless service I have been over billed each month. They have made numerous mistakes with my plan. For example, I have two lines. Because of this I have a family plan. However, last month they charged me for two individual lines instead of the family plan I had subscribed too.

    There has been instances where I have been overcharged from $20-$60 a month. Each month I have been forced to contact customer service in regards to my bill. I'm very frustrated.

    Every month my bill is not right. Because of this I have already decided to change wireless carriers. Right now I'm just waiting for my financial situation to improve in order to pay for the early termination fee and the activation costs for a new carrier. I encourage anyone who has Cingular Wireless to check their bills thoroughly.

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  • Li
    Liberty Nov 08, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cingular throughout the United States. What made Cingular send me a cell phone that I did not order, did not authorize service for and did not sign any contract for? Their letter said, in essence, even though you did not give a credit card number, we are sending you this new cell phone anyway...and then billed me!!! They didn't have my # because I never ordered it!!! Now they are harassing me (even though I sent their phone back) Can't Cingular get business any other way?

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