CiCi's Pizzarestaurant

J Aug 01, 2018

My husband and I went to CiCi restaurant #590 on 8-1-18, however this is really getting out of hand with the employees. Not the first time we ha e seen this. Managers there don't seem to care at all. I'm assuming they are employees not even on the clock coming straight in from outside and helping themself with food and drinks from behind the counters, even playing with their hair over the food. The bar not always cleaned always running out of pizza. Pizza is very dry, hard they seem to be sitting for a while before putting out new pizza. Seems like it's more of a social hangout then a place of business. Even managers have their children just grab off the bar, no plate bare hands. They really do need to enforce children not to be at the bar by themselves they can't reach so they use their fingers and then lick their fingers and touch more food..We was not able to enjoy anything about the visit today, so we left.
So my biggest problem is people coming in off the street helping themselves and children helping themselves.

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