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Cici's pizza
1938 e se loop 323, tyler, tx 75701

The services rendered on march 4th, 2017 were of the lowest quality available. My child's birthday party was ruined due to the lack of games that were available to him and his guest after they received the coldest pizza the "always fresh" buffet had to offer. The manager's lack of professionalism only added to a less than perfect experience at this establishment. I suggest that this location be closed in order to revive the atmosphere that cici's pizza is known for.


  •   Mar 04, 2017

    Lack of games? You didn't scope the place out first to see what games were available first? Cold pizza? It is a buffet where food is constantly rotated and cooked. Next time, buy a frozen pizza and have the party at home since your expectations are so high.

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  • I
      Mar 15, 2017

    @Wine Is Good It is a buffet with a lot of customers. The pizza should not have a chance to get cold. If the place is being run properly, it won't have any cold pizzas or run out of common items. I don't see how you benefited from commenting to this review. Why don't you mind your own business?

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  •   Mar 17, 2017

    You made it my business when you posted a stupid complaint on a public forum.

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