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T Sep 04, 2018

Thursday, August 30th Andrea Clarke called me at approximately 8:00 a.m. to advise that my transaction was not processed on Wednesday and there are no funds in the account. I was in shock asking her what she meant, she proceeded to tell me of all the transactions that were done hence why no funds were in the account. I hastened to ask why the transaction for JMD$55, 000.00 was not processed and to date, I am yet to receive an answer.

She proceeded to say that I will need to come in and complete forms and go the Fraud Squad to report etc. (Does CIBC really know what frame of mind a Customer is in at this point and you telling them to do all this)? I hastened to advise her that I have a fax and e-mail agreement with the bank so why can't the forms be e-mailed to me. She explained that I would still need to come in to sign them I spent and insisted that I need to go to the Fraud Squad.

I went to the bank and spent an hour before I was able to speak to anyone. I asked the Front Desk Personnel to speak with Andrea Clarke and he advised me that she said to take a number and speak with the Customer Service Rep. and she will see me. My co-worker Cheryl Ruddock had called Stuart Allen before I arrived at the bank to advise him of what transpired and to ask him if he could try and get someone to assist me. Stuart was very kind to leave his department to come down and speak with me. He was calling Clarke who at the time was at her desk and did not take the call, he proceeded to go directly to her office to speak with her. My number was called and I went to the Customer Service Rep. where I explained what transpired. She left and came back 7 minutes later and I believe Clarke came a few minutes later to explain the same procedures regarding the forms and Fraud Squad. I demanded that an overdraft account is opened for the JMD$80, 000.00 which was taken out by the perpetrators to accommodate the JMD$55, 000.00 (which was what I had sent in on Wednesday to be processed for my rent and the balance go toward the credit card).

Stuart Allen came back to me and advised that he spoke with a Latoya Brown who will assist me when I was through speaking with the Customer Care Rep. While still speaking to the Rep and trying to write a statement with my hands shaking and my mind distorted Brown came over to me and advised that she would see me when I was through with the Customer Care Rep. I proceeded to express my grouse regarding having to go to the Fraud Squad and told her that I will not be going there as I am very much aware of similar incidents with both NCB and BNS and they do not ask their Customer to go to the Fraud Squad, I also asked her if I would be getting the overdraft account with the JMD$80, 000.00 so that I could pay my rent and credit card., she proceeded to say they will try to work on that, she also advised that whatever issues I have I should put in the statement.

After spending over 4 hours in the bank, I overheard an elderly gentleman making a similar complaint stating that within 3 days over JMD$400, 000.00 was also swindled from his account. The gentleman was very old, he expressed that he does not drive, he does not own a motor car and that he would have to walk, however, no compassion was given to this gentleman he was told that he was to go to the Fraud Squad and take back some receipt to them.

I have written and called to ensure that while CIBC conducts their investigations that there will be no interest or fees applied to me on the overdraft account. I reiterated the fact that the funds would not have been in the account had CIBC processed the transaction, therefore I am at a loss as to why CIBC would think they have that right to charge me any interest or fees on this account. To date, I have not had a response and inside sources expressed that Latoya Brown which is the person to respond was very callous and made no attempts to correspond either in writing or by phone as it regards to this matte

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