Chrysler Financialillegal harrassment

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I have had several vehicles with Chrysler, There finance managers are the rudest ill natured bunch pomppas BUtts there are, THey can not get it through there thick heads what you are telling them, It is if they have a card and all they can say is you owe this how are you going to pay this today, when you give them a date they say the same thing over and over. !!!what part of I will pay it next week can they not understand, I doubt I will ever do business with them again, and if they call anyone else other than my phone I am hirning a lawyer and suing for harrassment misrepresentation, falsefying phone conversation and ubtaining information under false pretences, Called someone who I have only met once told them They were on my contact contract and that they had to get in touch with me and needed a payment, I did not even know this person at the time of the purchase and met them once 4 years later, Chrysler better watch out they are barking up the wrong treee here, I will start a class action in a second,


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    r santiago Jul 31, 2008
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    Sign me up...I want to join the class action lawsuit. The so-called managers are very unprofessional. Hopefully, when Chrysler does there next round of employee layoffs, this bunch will go out. One "manager" told me to go to Carmax & sell my Grand Cherokee so I can pay off the loan. Was Chrysler Financial going to give me a ride home from Carmax?

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    Jimmy Bailey Oct 16, 2008
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    so you guys are mad that you dont pay for your car?? its people like you that make this economy crap. stop depending on your welfare or your social security . i have 2 cars through them, but i actually pay for them like i signed to do. they seem good to me. =)

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  • Ka
    Kayte Oct 17, 2008
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    I completely agree! While I understand that we as the purchaser made an agreement to make our payments on time, but realistically sometimes in life things happen that are beyond our control. I hope that this ### Jim Bailey (comment above) unexpectedly gets laid off one day and has to chose between feeding his child and making his car payment. The real point is, that there are ways to deal with people that are fair, and then there is the way Chrylser Financial deals with customers. I have spoken to many others who are financed thgrough Chrysler, most of whom have always been in good standing with the company, even they have absolutly nothing good to say about the Chrysler and especially their employees. They seem to have a prerequisite during their hiring process that you have to be a heartless, condesending, poorly spoken ### (that is for both the men and women employees) to be hired there. At one point I fell behind after losing my job, Chrysler called me upward of 30 times per day. Even if I answered the phone and made an arragement with someone the calls would not stop! I made an arrangement after being threatened that they would repo my car that night if I didn't give them my bank account info so they could debit my account the amount I owed. I had a check in my hand for the full amount owed, all I asked was that they wait until noon the next day so I could cash it at the bank it was drawn on and Quick Collect them the money. That wasn't good enough, so after more threats and the promise that it wouldn't hit my account for 2days I agreed. this was on a Wednesday, the money was supposidly going to be taken on that Friday, well surprise, it didn't! They hit my account the very next morning and proceeded to try 4 more times between that day and early the next morning. So now not only did I still owe their money, I owed my bank $26 10x over (each attemp was actually 2 charges; a $9.95 Western Union fee and the actual debit amount). I immediatly called Chrysler to tell them what was going on, 6 different people insisted that they got the $ and I was in good standing. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone I gave up trying to explain the situation. Well of course, a week later the harrassment started up again, even worse. The man called me trash, told me I was stupid because I couldn't manage my own finances, etc...he had me in tears. Don't these people realize that sometimes we all get behind, I mean come on they are call center operators how much can they possibly be making, do they realize that we all may be 1 paycheck away from poverty. I normally wouldn't wish bad upon anybody, but these employees of Chrysler deserve some misfortune to make up for all of it that they have been dishing out!!

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  • Bo
    bob Oct 19, 2008

    Kayte - I work at Chrysler in high risk collections. I have a college degree and am currently a graduate student. Our jobs are to make acceptable arrangments that benefit us and the customer. We are real people w/ real bills. Most of us are salary, not hourly. I can only deal w/ the facts of the account. I am not going to push a customer or repo. a vehicle from a customer who is going through a hard time, a customer that typically pays on time and keeps good communication. If anything, I spend the extra effort to make sure I can make exceptions and help this person stay in the vehicle. On the other side of the coin, I don't help customers who are always (I mean always) late. In most cases we have gone down the road of assistance many times in the past. Some customers always think they can push how much time they have to pay. They push the limits and when we repo. they cry. And for you to wish fellow Americans to be out of work and go through misfouturne b/c we have to collect the bad debt and the bad mistakes of others is unbelievable. Being angry about a messed up checking account and being out of work is one thing... but to take your approach is truely shameful and sad. I wish you the best of luck.

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    cliffy5 Dec 29, 2008
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    I have been dealing with the same Chrysler dealer for the past 25 years. I have 5 daughters who I have either bought or leased Chrysler cars from in addition to my wife and myself. That's approximately 7 cars every 3-5 years. As a matter of fact, my wife and two daughters were in our dealers showroom today looking to buy yet another Chysler. I have always paid them on time all of these years until I was laid off last year. I was a VP of Sales in the Pharma/Medical software industry. So it's not like I was a deadbeat. The very first time I was late after I was laid off, these ###s repo'd my car even though I explained my situation and told them payment was due for them to receive in two days. They repo'd and it took me more than a month for CF to answer my calls to them. I finally got it back after over $1, 00 in fees not including what I owed. Now because of my hardship I have paid every payment ON TIME until last month (1 year later). They called me again, nasty as can be, and demanded payment over the phone (no suprise, considering the uneducated monkey's they hire)! LOL! I responded that I paid on-line and asked if they ever to bother to check their own website. The monkey then got extremely NASTY and said " Oh! I don't know, let me check right now." She did and saw my payment and said "well that's ok but you owe us a $25 late fee." I'm TOTALLY done with C/F & Chrysler. I will pay the late fee but as I said to the monkey "Where is there customer loyalty after 25 yrs of buying so many Chrysler's?" and "How about some loyalty from Chrysler after us TAXPAYERS basically have BAILED OUT CHRYSLER?" She told me that was not them but Chrysler the motor company. OH, C'MON GIVE ME A BREAK! U R C/F but R owned by Chrysler! JEEZ! She also told me that they basically couldn't give a CHIT!
    Personally, I don't wish any bad luck on Chrysler employees but I HOPE THE CHRYSLER COMPANY GOES UNDER! I will personally NEVER buy a Chrysler AGAIN! Bring back Lee Ioacoca and maybe.

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    Toniy May 02, 2009

    I totally agree with the complaints. I fell behind when Bank of America laid me and many others off because they took their TARP money and sent our jobs to India. I have never been 30 days late. Chrylser starts calling me daily and sometimes 3 times a day starting with 1 day late. I started recording their phone calls on my computer and am turning them over to my attorney. Cliffy, I have had the same conversations and if the "monkeys" don't understand where their paychecks actually come from then that just shows they have no brains and cannot think for themselves and their jobs will end up in India soon and see who start crying then? I hope Chrysler tanks and I have owned 10 in my lifetime and I will NEVER buy another one again.

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  • Pm
    pmartinez May 06, 2009

    So what happened with this "Class Action" lawsuit?

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  • Za
    zach May 12, 2009

    Chrysler Financial is a joke I don't care how many of their employees come on here and try to tell us otherwise. Everyone I have dealt with I have to explain things to mulitple times because they never seem to have accurate knowledge of what is going on with my account.

    As for the argument about people paying late. It shouldn't matter as long as they are within 30 days of their payment due date. Your company asseses late fees and makes profits off of late payments regardless so boo hoo about people making payments a few days late all you want and on top of that interest compounds over the days someone is late so Chrysler stands to make ever more money so stop your belly aching.

    I recently changed my payment due dates monthly to the 20th of the month because I have too many bills around the beginning of the month and I was charged $95 just to change a due date. What a joke.

    I am also sick and tired of talking to Apu from the Quik-E-Mart every time I call. It's no wonder Chrysler is going under its because they outsource jobs overseas instead of keeping the money here in the American ecomony.

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  • Ex
    excuseme Jul 06, 2009

    I work for cf, and the reason they call you before ten days past due, is because not only did you sign a legal biding contract to make your payments on or before your due date, you also didn't contact them on your due date to try and make payment arrangements with them so that you're not going into collections. Yes, if you're late for the first time, cf will call you before ten days past due, because it's out of your norm. And a lot of customers who are late for the first time don't realize it, therefore when they get a late charge, they get mad, because cf didn't contact them. Honestly, in working in cf collections, I know that if you call on or before your due date and make payment arrangements, cf won't call you. Also, the reason it's such a "big deal" that you make your payment on time, is because of the interest that you accrue at anytime past due. Which can create a balloon payment at the end of your loan of unpaid principal. So that you're not paying more for your vehicle. You people call us "monkeys" yet you obviously have no idea what the financial world is about, because cf collections is here to help you bring your account current and keep it there. If you're unwilling to call and take responsibility for your account ahead of time, that's your problem. Think of it this way, if you loaned someone 20, 000.00 and agreed legally on a certain monthly payment, and they didn't pay you for thirty days, you wouldn't call until you could reach them, you would come pick up the collateral so that you wouldn't have such a big loss. Look at the automotive industry, no wonder they're going under, because people think that just because times are bad, that they don't have to make their payments. We help out a lot of people. Nowhere in any cf contract does it state cf has to give you a due date change or an extension, yes, you have to pay your intereset, b/c you're going to have to pay the interest anyway. See, this is what gets me, cf 's customers think that they should be handed the world on a silver platter. Don't sign a contract if you can't abide by it. Or at least take some responsibility and contact them before they contact you, and you might not have such a bad experience. Also, I've heard many people comment about us blaming the calls on our automatic dialer. Yes, that is the truth, we are on an automatic dialer, it dials all of the phone calls for us. Your account pops up on our screen when you say "hello".. We're not sitting there, punching in your phone number manually 6 times a day. There are two resolutions for these problems, one: make your payments on or before your due date. two: call cf on or before your due date and make arrangements for a payment. all cf wants from you is a method, amount or date. that's it. But instead, we have all of these people calling into us so upset and mad because we called them. Using profanity on the agents who just simply answered the phone. And you wonder why those agents don't help you? You say the agents are rude, incompatent, monkeys who don't have brains? What if we talked to you the way you talk to us? Then you would complain and call us rude, and try to get us fired. If anyone is harassing anyone between consumers and cf, it is the consumers, pay your bill or make arrangements. And stop with your attitudes. Ya, the economy sucks right now, but it's not cf's problem that you can't pay your bill. It's not cf's problem that you are mad that we're calling you, when you refuse to answer the calls. Pick up the phone the first time we call, be a nice person to us, acknowledge that you are responsible for these payments, and no one else. And say, "what can you help me do to bring my account current?" because any type of help is a courtesy, not required in your contract. Therefore, no agent HAS to give you that due date change or extension. Kindness kills, guys. Try it sometime. I personally hate calling people everyday and telling them that their bill is past due, but I have to have a job and I was too unemployed for a good amount of time, but I spoke with my creditors and made a "get back on track plan" .. and the only job I could find, was collections. And I have a lot more of a view on the financial world than half of the adults that I know. You have to do what you have to do. If all of cf's customers were nicer to these agents, they may not be so aggrivated on the phones. Come on guys, let's all quit complaining and work together. There's no reason to get mad over money. Deal with it and move on. Your credit can always be rebuilt after time. You can always get another car. But being angry at us agents, when all we're trying to do is pay our bills, just in turn makes the world a worse place to live in. Let's all grow up and start taking responsibility for our bills and our actions. And maybe, just maybe you might have a different outlook.

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  • Di
    disgruntledJeepOwner Sep 22, 2009

    My lease for my 2007 Jeep Wrangler was up in May of 2009. I purchased the vehicle with a co-signer and was told that this would help build my credit. NOT TRUE. I proceed to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease and got denied by Chrysler. They would not tell me why and were very rude and said there was nothing they could do. I then go to the dealer and am told that Chrysler has never reported me making payments for 2 years to any of the credit agencies. What is even weirder is they never reported my co-signer to the any of the bureaus either. I have made perfect payments for 2 years and got turned down because I have no payment history. The dealership promised to correct the problem. They told me that Chrysler financial is going through bankruptcy and they probably want me to turn in the vehicle so that they could make more money by selling it as a used car. Now we cannot get A+ credit because Chrysler never reported us making payments for 2 years so we will be forced to turn in the car.

    I think that this company has poor business ethics and fraudulent activities that should be investigated further. I am not the only one with this issue. [redacted].com has many complaints about Chrysler not reporting to the credit agencies. I just want them to admit they made a mistake and make it right. I felt that I was lied to, cheated, and stolen from. These people should be ashamed of themselves for treating their loyal customers with such carelessness and disrespect. I hope someone on their end reads this complaint.

    I also filed a report with the BBB. They said the case was "closed" due to a clause in the contract about Chrysler not disclosing information about their customers. What BS. And they are an accredited business. What a joke. Taking our tax-payer dollars and running away with it.

    Jeep owner
    Chicago, Illinois

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  • Cf
    CF suxs Sep 26, 2009

    CF did an illegal repo of my truck while I was under Chapt. 7 protection. Our lawyers had to pay for our rental for 3 weeks before CF and their lawyers agreed to settle. As the ball was in their court because my wife had the only job in the house and her employer was about to fire her due to her picking our kids up from school without a lunch break. If we had the time/resources we would have taken CF to Civil court for the Maximum in our state $1mil. I have yet to see my truck 72 hours after the settlement. I hope they one day feel the pain and suffering I do. When we get back on our feet we will sue for the max amount. P.S. CF Lawyers are idiots!

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  • Mi
    middleground Oct 22, 2009

    Stop wasting time posting blogs and take responsibility for yourself. If someone gave you money for something, would you want it back? This "harassment" blather is recycled and boring. There is a reason for the calls. You say "I'll get an attorney.." but haven't read your contract. nor know anything about contractual law. How can you retain one if you cannot even pay your bills? You would rather count calls and continue avoiding responsibility.

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  • Sa
    SavingLives25 Oct 28, 2009

    Middleground, just SHUT UP... You say stop wasting time posting blogs blah blah blah, so why in the hell are you on here posting one?? You sound just like one of those CF punks... You must work for them? Thats one of the lines they use. "If you can retain a lawyer then you can make your car payment. HELLO, If I don't make the payment I can afford a lawyer. I believe in paying for things I owe, but that is beyond the point. Yes, there is a reason for the calls. Now who doesn't know that. What you all CF employees's don't realize is that there is a way to negotiate and work out a plan to get the customer back on track (without being an ###). You all act like you, re god's gift to perfect credit and like you've never been in a bind before, and like you're better than the person on the other line. ... Gimmie a break. Even when you do call to tell them your gonna be a day late or so, they are still rude and demand payment. Why would you wanna accept calls or even make a call to CF if nothing is going to get accomplished and they ruein your day with bad attitudes. It's just a waist of time. You all just make me sick!! Get a real job and enjoy being able to make someone else's day. For example. CF, this is Tim Bow, how may I help you? Yes, Sir my name is John Doe, and I was calling in reference to acct #-------------. I have had some financial difficulty this month and I will be late on my car payment. (Tim) Well, Mr. Doe, I'm sorry to hear that. I will be glad to assist you in any way I can. Can you give me a date that you can have the payment here by? (John) Yes, sir. I can have it to you on 0/00/00. (Tim) Great. Now Mr. Doe, if something comes up in between that time and you're unable to make that payment for some reason call me back at ext 0000, and I will be glad to help you come up with a plan to help get you back on track. (John)I will, thank you so much. (Tim) No, thank you. We greatly appreciate you buisness here at Chrysler, and appreciate you calling to inform us about your late payment. You are a valued customer have a good day. (John)Thanks, you too.

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  • Go
    GoingToyotaNOW! Nov 23, 2009

    Chrysler Financial Sucks!!! Been paying multiple payments of 500 or more at a time and the azzholes still bother me on a daily basis. I, like a lot of the Big 3 workers have been out of work. You Chrysler Financial supporters should understand of all people that you cant give someone something when you dont have it. Remember azzholes...we (The Public) own stake in you. (Remember that whole bailout thing) I so realize it is my Debt and I am settling it.

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  • 2i
    2Informed Dec 26, 2009

    The CF reps can attempt to defend and dismiss in this forum but that fact is that CF's collection practices are why Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, [15 USC 1692c] exists and most states have adopted similar debt collection statues concerning prohibited practices. The FTC (Bureau of Consumer Protection) offers a complaint form dedicated to these practices.

    Folks, be finacialy responsible and when life happens, attempt to make reasonable arrangements with your creditors and know your rights. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, [15 USC 1692c] Section 805(c): CEASING COMMUNICATION can help you stop harrassing phone calls. Also check your state statutes. CF cannot call your employer or neighbor for anything more than to verify employment or address or threaten you. Log or record your calls even before you experience problems with a creditor...

    Factoid: CF has had class action suit brought against them for these very practices in the recent past.

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  • 2i
    2Informed Dec 27, 2009

    Mica, I think your missing the predominate theme here. The discussion is with CF's abusive collection practices.

    I don't think anyone hass argued communication with the creditors is key. And I've read nothing to hint that anyone is disillusioned that a cease request or class action will somehow absolve them of debt but it does hold CF accountable to adhering to fair collection practices.

    To your second point on repossession, creditors have strict requirements concerning repossesion they must adhere to. If any rules are violated, the creditor may lose other rights against the debtor, or even be required to pay damages. Check your local laws because they differ by state and although many states provide for what is refered to as self-help repossession (not requiring court proceedings), none allow for immediate repossession. What constitutes default will be stated in your contract.

    I do have to agree with you on communication with your creditor, even those who push the limits of the law, are still in your best interest. This should not be read to say consumers should allow abuse despite their circumstances.

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  • Ma
    magarita Dec 28, 2009

    I surely wished i had read this site before I turned my vehicle in. After listening to Angela Jones and Steven Lewis rant and rave at me - I really took it personal and thought I have no option but to turn it back in to the dealer. I have been with chrysler financial for my last 4 vehicles- never late until my husband took sick last year since he was out of work for a month I did my best funny how the mortgage company and all my other creditors worked with me with deferments But no help what so ever from Miss Jones or Mr lewis. Yes i was late ( 2 weeks late) for the next 5 months But even though it was 10 days late i always included the $50.00 late fee. If they didnt want to honor this then why did they wait for 6 months to tell me. I would think the payment along with a $50.00 late fee was better then what you are getting now from me.
    They send me a defiency for $9500.00 due in 10 days right after they autioned it off. Right what ever... If they had just excepted the payments late for alittle while longer then my lease would have been paid off Feb 2010. But no!!! had to threaten me with repo. Hope miss jones & mr lewis get what coming to them " what goes around comes around"...

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  • The fact of all of this, no one is shrugging their financial responsibilities but Chrysler abuses you to the point that you don't want to talk to them. It is very abusive. Even to my underage daughter. This is completely uncalled for. People have hard times and try to work things out. Chrysler won't let you. This will come back to haunt them for bad business. I tell everyone I know not to deal with Chrysler. Abuse is illegal and they do push it. I think I would rather be slapped than to talk to one of their collectors.

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  • Jo
    JohnDaker Nov 04, 2010

    I have had the unfortunate luck to be a Chrysler Financial customer twice. I purchased a Dodge Intrepid as my second car and that's when my problems with CF started. I immediately tried set up a auto payment which consisted of me sending in a void'd check and a signed letter that if I remember correctly took them 2 months to send me. Then it took 2 more months a 2 late payments to act upon the auto payment. I even called them to make sure that the auto pay was in affect and they called me 5 days after my bill was due and I told them that I was on auto payment, the person on the phone did not see it and I ended up having to make a late payment over the phone. Several days later I called and wrote the persons name down after they verified that my next bill would be taken out automatically. A month later... another call... another late payment, I gave them the name and they said they would follow up on it and I never heard anything back.

    After about a 6 months of auto payments I got a call telling me that my payment was late, I told them I had auto payment and CF told me that it was not on my record and that I had to reset my online account because they lost some data. I ended up getting the late fee removed for that month and paid my bill online, however I told them to set me up with auto payment so I didn't have to do that again. After 2 years and 5 attempts I could never get auto payment set up again. I had to make a monthly ritual to call CF and confirm if auto payment was instated then find out they had no record of it. I even confirmed every time that they received my check and signed letter and got the (it will take a month to be instated) only to call back in a month and find out there was no record of it. Total cluster.

    CF's online site gave me numerous headaches in the 2 years I had to use it because my bank at the time didn't have bill pay. On several occations I got late fee calls and luckily I save the payment confirmations. So several times I would get harassment calls at work only to spend 30 minutes on the phone with a CF rep as they tracked down my payment.

    Eventually I saved up enough money to pay off my car and finally end my horrible experience with Chrysler Financial.

    A year later my Intrepid died and I bought a Jeep Wrangler. My only pre-requisite was that it NOT be financed through Chrysler Financial or I would not purchase the vehicle. I was able to get a good rate only to have my car payment purchased/change hands with non other than Chrysler Financial a few months after I purchased.

    So far here is my updated experience:

    I use Chase bill pay and I need to make my Jeep payment 5 days early because Chase sends the check out, it takes 2 days for CF to recieve the check then 2 more days to process. I unfortunately set my bill pay to pay my Jeep payment 3 days before it was due and I ended up getting phone calls for late payment on my due date when I have a delivery receipt of the check sitting in front of me and CF is obviously taking too long to process the payment and sending the phone system after me.

    After I set up to have my payment sent 5 days before it was due, I unfortunately called up CF and told them I was going to start paying more in order to bring down my principle. I have been paying $100 over every month for the last 6 months, I get about 2 calls every other month from CF telling me I have a late payment of $30, only for the person on the other end of the phone to immediately realize that there was a mistake and that I don't owe anything. I told them on multiple occasions that I do not appreciate calls to let me know I am over paying my balance. However today I got 4 calls one after another and the first 3 hung up on me after it put me on hold for 30+seconds. The 4th time I got connected to a CF collections person telling me I owe #$130. I told them that this was harassment and that I didn't owe anything only to realize that my bank had an error and that it took them an extra 2 days to send my payment however that CF recieved my payment the day before. I told the person on the phone and they said I needed to make the $130 payment, I told them that I had confirmation that my bank sent me a delievery reciept and it should be at their office and just hasn't been processed yet. The girl on the phone didn't really know what I was talking about and thought that the check was in the mail or something. I then inquired about the $130 since my payment is 4 times that and she told me that it was due to the fact that my over payments are not going into my principle but instead are being added to a credit for my car payments.

    I should have realized that the company that; couldn't get auto payment setup after 5 attempts, that incessantly calls and harasses me the day the bill is due when I have a confirmation that they received payment already, has a horrible website that has been taken down several times and prevents payments from being made, has data loss issues that results in me having to reinstate my online account on 2 occasions, messed up and hasn't been applying my overpayment to my principle after I called/confirmed this to be done on 2 occasions.

    So I am making arrangements to once again pay off my Jeep this week. Taking $13k out of my savings is nothing compared to the trauma of having to deal with CF on a monthly basis. Chrysler Financial is honestly the worst company I have ever dealt with.

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  • Be
    Beth Oles Jan 25, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I for the past 2 years have a vehicle financed by Chrysler Capital. I have never had so many issues. This is my 8th car that I have leased but first with this lender. They are terrible. I have never made a late payment and I as well kept on receiving phone calls and am advisal of repoing my car even when the payment was withdrawn from my account 3 weeks prior. This is ridiculous. I used to pay by check but had to stop because per Chrysler they were never receiving them so I started to pay online
    About 6 months ago the website would not allow me to makey payment since it kept in saying my account is invalid. So I decided to call to pay and update about the issue. They advised me that I don't know how to pay and they need to teach me how. I am still having this issue and now o can't even sign on because now my password is invalid. Still calling to get this resolved and no I guess it's to difficult. Now getting charged for a phone payment even though that is the only way I can pay because of their website difficulties and getting told that I am doing something wrong trying to sign in. So I asked the representative to reset my password no luck can't get that simple issue resolved. This is getting agrivating since I am a customer with a perfect payment record and a simple request to fix like the website is to difficult to resolve. I don't have a clue what good is the representative even being their if I personally ask and still nothing

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