Chrysler Capitallate payment because of mixup

In July I overpaid my car bill, and when I called the customer service person said I was paid through October. That was not true, so I received a call moments ago about late payment. No problem, I am actually on the phone now paying it. But the customer service rep on the phone was not only rude, but unhelpful and un-understanding. His name is Christian Waller (maybe?) and I ended up hanging up on him because I could barely hear him, he was both talking too fast and was muffled, and am now on the phone with someone wonderful and helpful. I have never complained about anything in my life, but this rep of yours did nothing to fix any problem, inform me what was going on, or anything. It was terrible!

I do not want anything, after all it was my mistake, I just wanted to tell someone or even talk into the void about how unhelpful this man was. Every other representative I have spoken to, except I guess the woman who misinformed me about my payments, have been friendly and informative.

Oct 02, 2019

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