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Complaints & Reviews

bed bugs

I was visiting from out of state and I decided to stay at the econo lodge on 4/16/2011...when I checked in and was sleeping only to wake up bitten from my neck to lower. Back and half of my right arm and the light was on and the bugs were still crawling...even the ones with my blood in them adults and babies...I took pictures and call the front desk they changed my room to another was 2am in the morning an me and my 8yr old daughter had to drag all my luggage and belongs to another room. Smh!!!that afternoon I checked out and asked for a refund and for which I paid for three nights and they only refund me for two nights which unfair...I plan on seeking a lawyer my itching swelling and pain is vacation has gone upside down and wilmington hotel has gave me a horrible experience...I don't recommend this hotel...

bed bugs
bed bugs
bed bugs
bed bugs
bed bugs
bed bugs
bed bugs
bed bugs

  • Mo
    molliewollie Apr 18, 2011

    Ewww. Did the hotel do anything? There is an online registry to report hotels with bed bug problems so that people can look before they book and avoid those hotels. I don't remember the name of it but it will probably come up if you google hotel/bedbugs.

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I had made a reservation to stay there for sat 4-9-11 on 4-8-11 at 6 pm I called to ask to cancel or a credit...

rude service, cockroach

After driving over 12 straight hours my husband and I decided to stop for a few hours sleep at an Econolodge. The place was very clean and the evening girl was very helpful

We arrived at 5:30 in the morning, and when we checked in I asked the girl if we had until the upcoming 11 AM for check out, or if we had until the following 11 AM, and she said the following. So to clarify, I made sure she meant we had an extra 24 hours, and again she said yes. So we went to our room. I hopped in the shower while my husband ran to get some stuff from the car. When I got out of the shower there was a cockroach on the floor. I put a plastic cup over it to show my husband when he got in. He confirmed it was a cockroach, so we took it to the girl at the front desk. She offered to give us a new room, but I said that if there was a cockroach in one room she had them in the hotel, moving rooms wouldn't make a difference. Plus, it was 6 AM by now, and I just wanted to sleep. So, the girl said she would leave a note for the manager in the morning, and we speak with her before we left.

We woke up around 10:45 the next morning, and while my husband jumped in the shower I went to speak to the manager. I was "greeted" by a gentleman talking on his cellphone. He didn't seem to care that I was there at all. I had to ask for the manager 3 times before he grudgingly hung up his phone to rudely tell me there wasn't a manager available and to ask what I wanted. I explained the cockroach from the evening before and he said there was nothing they could do. He then proceeded to tell me we had to leave immediately because it was check out time. I told him that the evening staff had advised us we still had an extra 24 hours, at which point he began yelling at me telling me I was wrong. I calmly tried to tell him that I wasn't mad at him, but that he needed to let the overnight staff know that wasn't their policy. He continued to yell at me, so I walked away telling him I would be in contact with his manager.

As we were leaving he asked if I wanted a receipt. I said yes, and that I wanted his name on it. I had to ask him 3 times to write the name down before he rudely and sloppily wrote it down for me. I took a business card and we left. I then called the Econolodge customer service where I spoke to a very helpful gentleman who told me that A) There should not have been a cockroach in my room. B) It is their company policy to always have a manager on duty. C) I should not have been yelled at or treated rudely in any way. And D) Our check out time should have been the following day, as that is how we had been checked in the evening before. He said he wasn't able to extend a refund, but that the hotel had 72 hours to get back to me. Later that day I received a call from an employee saying the manager was on duty and that she would be back early the following week. I told her I was on vacation without access to my e-mail and asked if she could note that I would prefer a call and that she was welcome to leave voicemail as I would check it.

So early the following week came and went with no call. I decided I would call them back when I got back home. Well Monday (yesterday) I checked my E-Mail and what do you know? She sent me a short email saying,

"I am deeply concerned in regards to your experience at the Econo Lodge. However our records indicate that you checked in at 5:28 am, our check out time before 7:00am is 11am. We do offer an extended check out time up to 2pm. We can not issue a full refund at this time, this is our motel policy at the Econo Lodge. I apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced and we invite you and your family to use us in the future for any of your lodging needs."

Well she completely missed the main point of my problem. So I sent her an email back stating all the details of our stay. And today I wake up to a SECOND charge on my bank account for the cost of the room!!! I called the hotel to speak to the manager and was told that I was wrong and that she had done all she could. I told her in no way would I pay again for a room I shouldn't have paid for in the first place. I told her I could send her a copy of my bank statement, to which she replied that she could send me a copy of her paperwork and we would both think we were right. I again emphasized that I refused to pay for the room again, and emailed her a copy of my bank statement. I am still waiting on a response, but I am so upset about all this has caused me that I felt compelled to share.

cancellation policy

I booked a room with EconoLodge 2458 N. Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080, scheduled to check in on...

multiple unauthorized charges, rude customer service

BEWARE of this hotel. After paying for two nights in Memphis, my boyfriend and I went to Beale Street our second night and our debit card was rejected, stating that we had reached our withdrawal limit for the day of $1, 000.00, which was NOT right. Sure enough, after consulting our bank account, the EconoLodge we were staying at had charged our card FOUR separate times in the same night. This was nearly an $880.00 unauthorized charge made by Econolodge in the course of a single day. My boyfriend called the front desk instanty and they had no clue on how to handle the situation (REFUND OUR MONEY?? you took it out, you can put it back in!!!), they were rude, and acted as if WE had our information wrong. After nearly an hour of discussing the matter and being on hold, my boyfriend finally reached someone who assured us the situation was resolved. Low and behold, once back in Arkansas, our account HAD NOT been refunded. My boyfriend spent hours on hold trying to find someone who knew what the heck they were doing, while Choice Hotels held on to over $800.00 of our money for a $200.00 hotel stay. Finally, he reached someone who assured him the matter would be investigated and resolved within 72 hours. Wow, thats fast...Not. The next day my boyfriend received 3 calls while at work, an environment in which he cannot answer his phone, and was left a hateful voicemail by a customer service rep who not only got his last name entirely wrong, but declared that if he did not call back at once the matter would not be resolved. He called the next day, and they asked for personal bank information while he was sitting in his office, etc, etc, I cannot begin to describe the rudeness and unprofessionalism and waste of our time!!! Finally we were told the money would be credited back within 48 hrs. We shall see. In the meantime, we requested a free night, and were DENIED!!! They were nice enough to refund our $20.00 parking pass...thanks a million, EconoLodge. Not only this, but we were underwhelmed by our stay and the overall condition of the hotel. The downtown Memphis hotel is dirty, outdated, has an unfriendly and slow staff, and the best part was the cleaning lady opened the door on us after knocking once at 9 am the second day of our two night stay. Then she never came back, and rudely told US we should have put a do not disturb sign on the door when we saw her in the hallway. The rooms were dirty, and you could hear everything going on in the next room. WE WILL NEVER STAY AT A CHOICE HOTEL AGAIN!!!

  • Ve
    Very disrespected Jun 03, 2016

    Worst manager ever! Would not return any of my 8 phone calls or email me. I had paid for two nights but one stayed one. I was trying to get my money back for the second night but they just kept giving me the run around and wouldn't take me seriously. They were very disrespectful. I would never stay there again.

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  • Th
    The Travel Defender Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to introduce myself and explain why I am sending you this message. My name is Chad Bruce I am a Protection Agent with The Travel Defender. I help people who have had issues with travel vendors get their issue resolved and put in to the lap of the right person, generally this would be the President/CEO of the travel vendor or the Guest Services Manager. Please feel free to visit our website at or call us 24 hours a day for free at 1-855-4-HELP-70. I look forward to helping you get this issue resolved.

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customer service

Stay was horrible. After we checked in we went up the room to check it out. There were outlets hanging out of...

infested with bed bugs

Checked in on Saturday 9/11/2010 at 1130 AM, by midnight my son was asleep and when I looked at him a saw a gug on him. Immediately I grabbed it and when I did I saw several more on the sheets. After examining them I was able to recognize that they were bed bugs. I pulled back the sheets and saw 15-20 more running around on the mattress. Needless to say we went to the front desk to make a complaint, which they refused to do anything or act concerned whats so ever. I am calling the Health Department on them.

sexual and verbal harasment

My name is Jennifer Crosby and I used to be an employee at the Cottage Grove, Oregon Comfort Inn. I wa...

1 comment Cottage Grove Hotels


We were staying @ the econolodge in Plantsville CT, my daughter arived earlier than we did, THe person behind the counter was flirting with her and INSITSED that he carry up her bags for her, when they got into the room, I was told that the employie "fentyl" tried to kiss my daughter. She said no and pulled away. He threw her on the bed. He continued to kiss her. Thank go he did not rape her or hit her. But he did say that all american girls are sluts and that he can have sex with them all the time, . SHe left the room and stayed with her Best friend for the night, WOuldnt you bellieve, This guy knocke don that door. They woudlnt let him in, he however used the master card to unlock the door but they had the bolt on the door. WHen she finaly told me when happend, we were already in chicago and i coudl not confront him. This is UNEXCEPTABLE. I WANT SOMETHING DONE TO THIS MAN OR I WILL DO IT MYSELF. It is not fair to my daulghter...she held a certain level of trust with these people that is non-existant at this point. WE may have to take her to therapy. If this is the case, I will have to sue you. I think it woudl ne in all of our best interest if you terminate this employee because if he does this with my daughter, he must have done it before and will continue to do it. BTW I almost forgot, he offered her money. Like I said, unexceptable... I can not be the only person who has filed a coplaint about this guy. Plz take care of this. I am asking you as a proffesional, please. I am hurt and mad. I dont want to go to jail for ringing his neck...but this is my 14 yo daughter.

  • Po
    poora91 Apr 17, 2011

    Call the Police! Or do what any respectable American dad should do... make the trip back, and beat some ###. simple huh?
    What good has posting this crime on here done for you so far? Do something about it.

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dirty hotel

The non smoking handi capped room reeked of air freshener. There was blood or # on the tolit roll holder. The place was dirty. The refrigerator white grateing was chiped and pealing and needed replacing. The continal breakfast was wrotting fruit and expired yougart in dirty refrigerator as I looked. Overall I would not allow my dog to stay there. They also displayed the aaa aproval proudly on the check out desk where the abusive check out person was. They quoted me 69 over the phone and charaged 90 when I booked threw you. It as a horrible experiance and I expeced better from someone you approved with 2 stars... Well... It is not even worth 1...

  • Le
    Leslie Eileen Anderson May 05, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I stayed at the comfort inn/ quality inn in Mesquite, Texas this last weekend of the first weekend of May.
    I was told by the manger that I did not have to call to get a discount on the room or my pet staying for 2 nights, that he would charge me 15. dollars total for my dog and each night would cost me 58.99 dollars, instead he charged me 20. dollars for my pet and then charged me 69.99 dollars per night.
    The indoor pool and sauna were not warm like they were suppose to have been. My grandchildren swam in a very cold pool and the sauna was suppose to be 120 % temp. Both the pool and suna were about 75% with temps outside in the 50's and the doors to the pool was open to the outside.
    I will not go back again and advice anyone not to stay there.

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deceptive advertising

Choice Priviliges is a hotel rewards program that promised a free night stay if you stayed at one of their...

horrible hotel stay

My wife and I stayed at Cambria Suites in Dania Beach Florida. When I state that we thought we were in a 3rd class country, I am not exaggerating.

When I made reservation arrangements, Kamal at the front desk stated that the hotel was a 5 Star property. Although the hotel is nice, at best is a three star.

He also said that because the occupancy rate was high, he would offer the room to us because he considered our stay to be long term, 6 days. However, because he was oversold on rooms, he said that if we check out prior to the 6th day, we would be responsible for all 6 days. At that time I didn't think much about his claim.

Here is what occurred:

On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday there was not hot water. Each day I had to call about not having hot water for a shower.

The few days we could use the pool we could not stay poolside. A truck pulled into the hotel parking lot towing a large power washer which was used to wash cars. This went on for 3 hours. The din was so loud, we were forced to leave the pool area.

We went to the pool area for towels and there were none. The manager happened to pass by and said that he would return with towels. He never returned and we had to return to the room to dry off.

At 10:00 PM, a bus was idling near the front entrance of the hotel. The noise and fumes woke us up. I called the front desk to ask why the bus was idling. The girl at the front desk said she would check into this. After another hour, I called the front desk again because the bus was still idling. Again, she said she would check into this. A half-hour later the bus moved to the driveway.

During the three days we spent poolside, I noticed that the pool and jacuzzi filters never ran. However, on February 22nd, the board of health was inspecting the hotel, the pool was temporarily closed while they completed their inspection. This was the first time that the pool filters were operating.

Because of a medical condition, I have a prescription for a narcotic pain killer. I packed 7 tablets and didn't have to use any of them. When I returned home there were only 3 in the bottle. I can't prove that the maid stole them but I have no other explanation for them being missing.

Their $8. breakfast buffet was average for a resort hotel. But we elected not to participate because I felt that they fell far short of what is considered to be basic food service health concerns. No sneeze bar, food temperatures were questionable, and tinted green scrambled eggs indicated that the eggs were not fresh.

On Saturday of our horrific stay, our room key card which permit access to the pool, door entrances, gym and outside doors would not function. We had to walk around the perimeter of the hotel to the front entrance. The front desk said that either their card readers were malfunctioning or an employee invalidated our key cards.

We would have left after two days if we could, but then we would have been charged for the entire 6 days.

I submitted a complaint form and recieved an e-mail that I would be contacted by customer service within 24 hours. I waited. After TWO weeks, I called customer service. They offered us a reduction of two nights stay. When Chris from customer service asked if this was acceptable, I said no. I wanted to be reimbursed 50% of our hotel bill and also wanted a 6 night comp at a Choice Hotel.

Bottom line after REPEATED, REPEATED phone calls and e-mails and 2 e-mails sent to Kevin Lewis, CEO of Premier Division (?) which were not responded to I was able to recieve a 50% reduction of our hotel bill. Corporate office said that they would not offer the 6 night comp to compensate us for the grief and aggrivation of our 6 night FORCED "imprisonment" at the Cambria Suites Hotel.

I thought that my request for the comp and reimburserment was reasonable considering that if we could have left after the second day, we would have but could not afford to be billed for 4 nights and then find another hotel and pay for another 4 nights.

bad customer relations dept

there customer relations, and mangers are far from being good. they don’t care about there customer...

double charged

I traveled to EconoLodge (OH430) in Worthington, OH for a high school wrestling tournament on 3/5/09. Two rooms were reserved by the team coordinator. Upon check in, I requested to reserve my own room as the motel was empty and I wished to use my AAA discount. The clerk assured me I had the lowest rate available--lower than the AAA rate. Upon check out, I was amazed to see that my VISA had been charge double the nightly room rate and more than double the AAA rate. The clerk would not give me her name or a room receipt. She would only write her initials ("BR") on my VISA receipt. I have contacted customer service to no avail. I received a form letter apology by email addressed to "Dear ___." In the letter, the general manager, Bob Patel, said it would not happen with future customers. I also received $50 in Econoldge coupons which I have no use for.

I would like to be reimbursed for the $100 for which I was deliberately overcharged.


My wife and I stayed at this motel on July 28, 2009 for 1 night. I requested a smoking room upon check-in and...

tried to charge a surprise pet fee

I booked a hotel room in a Comfort Inn hotel in which I've stayed before, on The "fine...

unauthorized charges, scam

Stayed there 1 night while my daughter was having tests run at the Medical College of Georgia. A week after...

bed bugs

After staying at this motel one night on 11/7/09 I was in severe pain and swelling from multiple bed bug...

dirty bedding

We checked in and went for dinner .After returning my husband took his shoer to get ready for bed.I then took my shower and may i say..not the most desirable bathroom.When I went back in the room to go to bed I took the bedspread off and saw a nice comforter.I saw something and looked closer finding dirty paw prints on the comforter.Well, I decided since we were not dressed and ready for bed I would tell the desk in the morning.So I turned the other bed down to find another dirty comforter.It had scibbles on it and no better.Neither had been washed or spot treated or they wouldnt have looked like they did.I do lots of laundry and can tell when something is dirty.Not a very good nights rest.When I checked out I told the guy at the desk and his comment was..thanks for telling me I'll tell housekeeping.I felt that was not suffecient.
Thanks, D Dale
7115 Lakeridge Ct
Ft Myers, Fl 33907

disgusting cleanliness

We checked into the country inn and suites and the only room available was a room next to four chain smoking rooms. The room reeked of smoke. We went back to the service desk and requested a different room. None were available. We were sent to the comfort inn down the street. We were sent up the stairs and the hallway was filthy. There was dirt and grass all over. When we walked into the room, the first thing we noticed was that something had spilled all down the side of the tv. Milk? I went to see the bathroom and you could feel the hairspray on the countertop and the toilet cover. I wiped it off with a wetwipe and the wipe was grey. I then went to check out the bed and there was a hair in it. I tried to call the front desk and phone didn't work. It was late, i was exhauted and already changed into my pj's. Headed off to bed and talked to someone in the morning. Told him of the problems and his response was. I will tell the management, he won't be happy. There was no apology whatsoever. It was a gross experience.

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