Choice Home Warrantyterrible policies and procedures

L Sep 05, 2018

Choice Home Warranty covers my property for plumbing issues. An available contractor could not be located to service my complaint within a satisfactory turn-around time frame. They give clients the option of finding their own contractor and going through a pre-approval process which I did. Claim# [protected]. They obligate themselves to refunding the cost of the claim (minus the $45.00 service call fee) within a 30-day window. The 30 days have come/gone with no reimbursement check. My drama must play out across the customer base, because they have a ready script for my dilemma. They say a reimbursement check went out via mail 8/21/18, but I firmly believe no check was ever cut or went out. They are trying to ply me for another $30.00 to cancel this supposed check (not my obligation). The only other recourse is to wait a full 90 days (stall tactic) and call back and try to get a check cut. In the mean time, this charge sits on my credit card accruing interest charges. They need to meet their obligation and get another check out to me. To ask me to be out reimbursement funds for a full 90 days is not reasonable.

  • Updated by Linda2walker · Sep 07, 2018

    This company frequently does not have contractors available to service your complaint within a reasonable time-frame. After a substantial wait, you are on your own to find your own contractor and go through a difficult pre-approval process in order to get your claim covered. (You are put through a vicious phone cycle; trying to get a hold of someone while your contractor waits to speak with someone to explain his work task and fees). Once approved, you'll have to wait 30 days for reimbursement. In my case a check never arrived. I was told to pay a $30.00 cancel check fee (on top of the $45.00 service call fee that I already paid). Or-wait a full 90 days for the check to cancel and then they would issue me another one and risk the cycle to start all over again). Now I have $165.00 on my credit card; accruing interest charges which will remain there for a full 90 days. I hate these people. They hate their customers. Put your policy funds in a savings account and they will be there when you need them without all the hassle.

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