Choice Home Warrantyentire process is a joke

L Aug 17, 2018

I feel this email is going to fall on deaf ears but I have to shout from the roof tops my extreme DISGUST and DISSATISFACTION towards your company right now. We filed a claim with you guys on 7/29 for a water leak issue- thought it was maybe hot water heater related but knew it was coming from the wall not the actual unit itself— pretty serious of an issue right? I mean this is not a microwave that doesn't work or a dishwasher- we are talking LEAKING WATER in a WALL in NORTH CAROLINA humidity…sounds somewhat of an urgent matter. So you dispatch your first plumber who can't come until August 1st- already a few days of a known issue at that point. He comes out and assesses the situation and we pay our $65 and wait for the next appointment- which ends up being an ENTIRE week later- August 8th— so now we are sitting at 10 days of a known water leak issue. They cut into the wall- "fix" the situation and tell us to put a fan on the wet spots- which we do. 2 days later we turn the fans off and lo and behold there is WATER STILL LEAKING!!! We reach back out to you guys on our closed claim stating woah- issue isn't fixed we are still leaking water out of an open hole cut into our garage wall (which by the way who is fixing that?)- you guys state you'll look into it further. So the original plumbing company comes back out 8/13 and says yep still a leak but can't really tell from where you need a leak finder or i need to start cutting into random places in your wall to find it- he leaves and we hear nothing else that day. Now we are notified a 2nd plumbing place is coming out 8/14 and to pay our $65 fee- um excuse me what? Why is a 2nd company company and why am i paying the $65 again? I call and your rep says there is no fee but we need a 2nd opinion since the first place can't find the leak- ok great— 2nd place comes 8/14- nice guys- and yep no fee collected- they cut a hole into our bathroom wall this time confident they can find the leak- nope, can't find the leak- and they leave? HUH?? Then 8/15 I get notification a THIRD place is coming out on 8/17 between the hours of 3p-8p and to pay our $65 fee— So we are at not one, not two, but THREE companies….and FIVE appointments at my home- I mean i'm not sure what hours you work, but being home for FIVE appointments is an extreme burden and annoyance with working full time. But yet i've been here for EVERY single appointment…and guess what…it's 8/17 and I was here from 3p-8p and your THIRD dispatched plumbing company didn't show up. They actually said our work order was cancelled? CANCELLED? Cancelled by whom? Cancelled for why? Cancelled because water is still leaking out of my wall……!!!??? My husband called Choice this evening and talked to a representative named Sal and guess what? First of all, my husband gets hung up on, second of all, Sal tells us when we called back that there is not a SINGLE manager in that office— really? you're telling me a call center is operating without a single person of authority? Doubt it- so is Sal a liar for your company? Is that what you stand for? Hire? Promote? AGAIN we are talking about a water leak…..water spots now forming in miscellaneous places because this has been going on since our claim started JULY 29th!!! And what's the outcome- absolutely freaking nothing- nothing but frustration, nothing but wasted water, and money on water bills, nothing but continuing damage, nothing but hours missed from work, nothing but money lost at work, nothing but flat out serious PISSED OFF-ness. I can't even believe I have to sit here NINETEEN days after an obvious leak and still be trying to figure out what in the world to do because your company has been useless- your providers incompetent- your service level sub par and a flat out waste of time and money.

What do I want from this? I want my water bill reimbursed, I want my $65 fee refunded from even starting this process, and I want my FREAKING LEAK AND WALLS FIXED IMMEDIATELY! And after that I want my policy cancelled and a full refund- not a pro-rated refund- a flat out full, see ya later, lose my name and number type of break up relationship refund. I get you're in the business to make money not lose it- you hope people don't have claims- HOWEVER, the fact that I have a serious issue that is water related and that NINETEEEN days later i'm having to send this type of email is appalling. I will be filling out something with the Better Business Bureau, the CFPB, and blasting you on any site I can because you've done nothing but cause me severe stress, missed time from work, lost money, and damage to my home.

What is your SOLUTION!??

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