Choice Home Warrantychw is a complete scam!

K Oct 12, 2018 Review updated:

My parents purchased this warranty and it's been a complete waste of money. Their AC went out and CHW refused to pay stating that it was their fault that the AC went out and they are not paying anything on the claim. They had purchased the warranty in full so a few months go by and their dishwasher goes out. September 2018 a CHW technician says that the dishwasher is not repairable. CHW says that they will send them $376.00 to buy a new one. Check arrives yesterday 10/11/2018 for $176.00, they contacted CHW and are told that they agreed to the $176.00 on a recorded call and on an email. Could CHW provide the recorded call or the email? No they could not. CHW told them that they were not going to get any more money from them and it is possible to buy a dishwasher for $176.00. Extremely disappointed with the service or lack of that they have provided my parents.

The salesperson told my parents that all would be taken care of HVAC, appliances, plumbing etc. I will continue to spread this bad review in hopes that this company will not be able to scam anyone else.


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      Oct 12, 2018

    Terrible! They are the worst. I've been hung up on and today an employee named "Takiea" put me on hold while I was talking. She never asked to put me on hold. I don't understand how this company is still operating and the CEO is walking free. This is fraud.

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  • J
      Oct 15, 2018

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DON'T DO IT! This is the worst company ever! The reps are functional illiterates. Your hold time for customer service is 10 or more minutes and the repairmen that they send to your home, leaves much to be desired. This company will be closing soon and re-establishing under another name. That's what sub-par, bait and switch, scandalous enterprises do. HORRIBLE!!! pay a little extra and go with American. I wish I had read consumer reviews before they took my $1, 000.00.

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  • G
      Nov 23, 2019

    Never again! The CWH is a well oiled scam machined with carefully designed almost technically correct reasons for denying costly claims.
    I have two examples. 1) AC System failure due to the freon leak out of evaporator coil. Claim denied. Reason: rust (!). Of course evaporator coil rusts - it's made out of aluminum and is always covered with condensation. This is normal wear a tear. 2) AC compressor locked up / grounded. Claim denied due to alleged reason that the only reason AC compressor grounds is due to overheating and CWH does not cover overheating. This is, of course, is not technically accurate since AC compressor grounding can (an most like did) occur due to winding insulation material breaking down with age. This is normal wear a tear and should be covered. The so called "CHW case manager" kept reading and repeating the same incorrect line from her notes. I am convinced - this is a carefully designed and executed scam.

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