I spent 260 dollars at the Cranston store on a friday evening, and then went to the smithfield store that same evening and spent another 80 dollars. When I went home that night I realized that I had forgotten to take a coupon that read 25 dollars off any 50 dollars spent except outlet stores. So the next day I went back to the cranston store and asked for the coupon to be applied. They said fine. In the meantime I looked around and spent another 195 dollars. Of this 95 dollars there was a shirt I was unsure of and cost 99 dollars. I told her I may return it because I have a similar one. Well she put the coupon on the most recent purchase in stead of the already purchased items. And heres the thing, when I went to return it, they would no longer give me the 99 dollars but only 83 dollars. I have 2 businesses and have worked in retail at Sears for many years. This is wrong. The coupon stated that I only had to spend 50 dollars. Even that reciept showed another 95 dollars spent on it after that shirt. I believe they know they are being fraudulent and are getting away with it. When I went on line, I saw many other coupon complaints for them. Most people that go there are weathly and may not even check the math, or don't care because they have expendable money. However, it is still WRONG.. I am not weathly, not yet, and I do shop the sales, and they are very snooty in Smithfield. The Smithfield manager is a B. NOT NICE... The place was empty and she will not see my face again. But she doesn't care. When I was in that store I called the Cranston store and they said they would take care of me. We shall see. If not I will post it and call the attorney generals office on them. Again they won't care but I will feel better. If you are the owner of this company reading this, shame on you. I predict that the smithfield store will close in the next year or 2. Fire the staff, or change your policies. You know it isn't only about the money, I feel scammed. I don't like being scammed.


  • Why The Long Faces Jun 17, 2012

    The coupon was used as a courtesy. YOU forgot to use it, so it was used on the MOST RECENT purchase, the purchase you actually had the coupon to use with. What does it matter what sale it was used on? You still saved $25 either way. I am not getting your issue.

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