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Chicken Licken review: Customer service and wrong product provided to me

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I'm really unhappy with how I'm handled at Chicken Licken. When I got to the collection window at the Reef Shopping Centre in Albemarle, Germiston on November 6, 2023, at around 19:35 p.m., I went there with my wife and kids to buy five pieces of chicken. The woman who served me, Nelisiwe Zwane, became very rude. I asked her politely, "Please, may I have thigh and drumstic, and the fifth piece can be any one." Before I could finish, she interrupted to tell me that she doesn't do that and walked away from the window without providing any more explanation. My kids noticed the rudeness.

I went inside to find the manager because I didn't know the procedure, and when I tried to explain, she kept stepping in to defend herself without even offering an apology. I was treated disrespectfully in front of my wife and children, and I was using my money, so she seemed to be doing me a favor by selling me some chicken. I went to buy chicken, not expecting to be treated poorly by a cashier who doesn't know how to treat a customer. Please take care of this and give me some feedback because this woman acts like she is bigger than the company

Theo Rampai



Claimed loss: R112.00

Desired outcome: resolution and apology and refund

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